CMSI 601 Graduate Seminar

3 semester hours

Project-based seminar in which students will be required to select, research, write about, and discuss some aspect of a broad area of current interest to computer scientists and electrical engineers (e.g., computer networks, digital communication).

Successful completion of coursework and the endorsement of the faculty advisor required. (The seminar can be taken during the final semester of coursework subject to the approval of the faculty advisor.)

Note: Students unable to complete the CMSI 601 project within one semester may request an "in process" grade and complete the project the subsequent term. Students wishing to change their project after the first semester of enrollment in CMSI 601 will need to re-enroll in the course. Students who are unable to complete the CMSI 601 project after two semesters can petition for a continuation of the "in process" grade. If the petition is not granted, re-enrollment in CMSI 601 will be necessary.

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