Asian Pacific American Studies (APAM)

APAM 1117  Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies: A Comparative and Global Perspective  (4 semester hours)  
An introductory course which surveys the cultures and histories of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. Interaction among various Asian Pacific Americans communities also will be discussed. University Core fulfilled: Foundations: Studies in American Diversity.
APAM 1118  United States and the Pacific World  (4 semester hours)  
This class surveys the ways in which U.S. interchanges with Asia and the Pacific Islands have transformed cultural, political, ideological, and socioeconomic developments on both sides of the Pacific from the earliest contact to the twenty-first century within global and comparative frameworks. University Core fulfilled: Explorations: Historical Analysis and Perspectives.
APAM 1998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 1999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 2371  Asian Pacific American Literature  (4 semester hours)  
A survey of Asian Pacific American writers and their literature, using critical analysis of autobiographies, short stories, novels, poetry, essays, and films. University Core fulfilled: Explorations: Creative Experience; Flag: Writing.
APAM 2417  Contemporary Issues of Asian Pacific Americans  (4 semester hours)  
Topical studies of timely and pertinent contemporary interest involving Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. University Core fulfilled: Explorations: Understanding Human Behavior; Flag: Engaged Learning.
APAM 2998  Special Studies  (4 semester hours)  
APAM 2999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 3710  Transpacific Korea  (4 semester hours)  
How can we understand Korean society, not within a narrow scope of South Korea but through transpacific mobility and connections of Korean people, commodities, and cultures? Drawing upon the literature in Anthropology, Sociology, History, and Media Studies, Transpacific Korea aims to develop students’ perspectives on the transnational mobilities, connections, and dynamics that have shaped Korean societies and communities. Through class reading and discussion on Korea’s recent histories, students will contextualize the implication of colonialism, cold war, and neoliberalism in contemporary Korean societies. Students will build up knowledge of Korean society and culture in global contexts by reading and discussing sociological literature on South Korea and overseas Korean communities. Based on the interdisciplinary approaches that students will develop in this course, students will analyze and discuss the artistic representation of Korean societies and cultures in film, and conduct independent research on “Transpacific Korea around Us.”
APAM 3998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 3999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 4178  Asians in America: From the "Yellow Peril" to the "Model Minority"  (4 semester hours)  
This class traces the many-faceted histories of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from cross-cultural and transnational perspectives, beginning with the earliest immigration to the present era.
APAM 4188  Imagining Asian Pacific America  (4 semester hours)  
Using interdisciplinary approaches and cross-cultural perspectives, this class explores the ways in which certain Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been portrayed and, in turn, have portrayed themselves in the visual culture throughout historical time and space.
APAM 4235  Asian Pacific American Women's Experience  (4 semester hours)  
An interdisciplinary and comparative examination of the histories and experiences of Asian Pacific American women. Topics include social and economic inequality, literary and cultural representation as well as political and community activism.
APAM 4327  Asian American Psychology  (4 semester hours)  
Coverage of major psychological issues relevant to Asian American personality, identity, and mental health, including acculturation, the creation of stereotypes, and intergenerational conflict.
APAM 4335  Asian Pacific American Politics and Social Movements  (4 semester hours)  
Examines Asian American political participation from legal challenges and labor organizing to social protests and electoral politics. Explores Asian Pacific American politics and social movements in light of dramatic changes in domestic and international contexts of the past half a century.
APAM 4337  Asian Pacific Americans and the American Law  (4 semester hours)  
An examination of constitutional, immigration, and civil rights laws and their impact on the Asian Pacific American experience. Discussions may include analysis of historical court cases and legislation pertaining to citizenship, exclusion, and World War II internment as well as the study of contemporary legal issues in Asian Pacific American communities.
APAM 4350  Immigration and Los Angeles  (4 semester hours)  
An interdisciplinary and comparative examination of the historical role of immigration and migration in shaping the Los Angeles region as well as the social, political, economic, and cultural impact of immigration in contemporary Los Angeles. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Interdisciplinary Connections.
APAM 4450  Specific Ethnic Focus Seminars  (4 semester hours)  
An in-depth examination of the experience of a single Asian Pacific American subgroup. Populations covered will vary.
APAM 4451  Multiracial Americans in the American Imagination  (4 semester hours)  
This course engages in an interdisciplinary examination of the identity development of persons of mixed race ancestry in the United States through which students derive a critical understanding of race, ethnicity, and culture, while developing a deeper appreciation for ethnic, class, gender, generational, and racial diversity. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Interdisciplinary Connections.
APAM 4453  Filipino American Experience  (4 semester hours)  
Comprehensive introduction to the Filipino American experience. Historical analysis of U.S. colonialism and the experiences of Filipino Americans as "American Nationals." Review of contemporary issues such as immigration patterns, community formation, and family dynamics. In-depth study of Filipino American communities in Los Angeles and Southern California.
APAM 4457  Vietnamese American Experience  (4 semester hours)  
Comprehensive introduction to the Vietnamese American experience. Review of Southeast Asian politics during the Cold War with emphasis on U.S. policies in Vietnam. Review of contemporary issues in the Vietnamese American community, including economic integration, political mobilization, and community and family dynamics. In-depth study of the social and cultural lives of Vietnamese Americans in Los Angeles and California.
APAM 4459  Pacific Islander American Experience  (4 semester hours)  
Comprehensive study of the Pacific Islander American experience, including the histories and cultures of Pacific Islanders and contemporary issues facing the Pacific Islander American communities.
APAM 4998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 4999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
APAM 5000  Senior Thesis  (0-4 semester hours)  
This course will provide APAM minors with the opportunity to work on an individualized research project under the direction of a faculty member.