ENVS 275 The Automobile and the Environment

3 semester hours

The course is designed for non-science majors. Students will be exposed to a broad range of impacts on the, atmosphere, the land, and the water resources of the earth. Both environmental and economic impacts will be studied, along with the influence of globalization. Automotive manufacturing processes and materials, including the mining and manufacturing of iron and steel will be integrated into the overall impact of the automobile on the environment. Automotive metallurgy, plastics, polymers and glass will also be reviewed. Recycling and its reduction on negative impacts will be reviewed within the study of the manufacturing processes. An important emphasis of the course will be the study of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment, global crude oil reserves, coal, natural gas, and alternative fuels such as geothermal, wind and solar will be researched, alternative fueled vehicles, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas, (LNG) along with hydrogen fuels will be included in our study of the effort to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming (climate change).

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