Sep 25, 2023  
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2020-2021 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chairperson: Kam D. Dahlquist

Professors: Wendy J. Binder, Kam D. Dahlquist, Philippa M. Drennan, Martina G. Ramirez, Eric Strauss (Presidential Professor)

Associate Professors: Deepa Dabir, Nancy Fujishige, Michelle R. Lum, Carl R. Urbinati, Carolyn Viviano

Assistant Professors: Sarah Joy Bittick, Kristen Covino, Cory Evans, Maxellende Ezin, Maria Christina Vasquez, Demian Willette

The mission of the Biology Department is to promote an appreciation for and understanding of the science of biology in our students. The particular objectives of the Biology Department are to: (1) provide students with a broad background in the biological sciences; (2) enable students to master the essential concepts of biology; (3) develop students’ ability to think critically about scientific information and solve scientific problems; (4) enable students to articulate ideas and present information in both written and oral forms in a clear, organized fashion; (5) encourage students to participate in original research; (6) promote interdisciplinary scholarship; (7) teach students the skills of both field and laboratory biology, and enable them to participate directly in the scientific discovery process; (8) facilitate students’ independent exploration of career opportunities; and (9) participate in the University’s effort to educate nonscience majors in the areas of science and technology.

The B.A. in Biology degree is a general liberal arts and sciences program. The B.A. will allow for a double major with other liberal arts programs. The B.A. in Biology Secondary Education Emphasis offers classroom experience and internship opportunities in addition to the subject matter content required by the State of California. Pre-professional students should select the program leading to the B.S. degree.



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