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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2014-2015 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chairperson: Daniel Speak

Professors: W. Scott Cameron, James G. Hanink, Christopher Kaczor, Mark D. Morelli, Elizabeth Murray, Eric D. Perl, Timothy Shanahan, Brad Eliott Stone, Robin Wang

Associate Professors: Jason S. Baehr, Daniel Speak, Brian Treanor, Jeffrey Wilson

Assistant Professors: Gretchen Gusich, Virgil Martin Nemoianu, Erin C. Stackle, Thomas Ward

Contact Information

Department Chair: Daniel Speak

E-mail: Daniel.Speak@lmu.edu

Telephone: 310.338.1792

Graduate Director: Elizabeth Murray

E-mail: Elizabeth.Murray@lmu.edu

Website: bellarmine.lmu.edu/philosophy/

Office Location: University Hall 3600

Telephone: 310.338.1937

Fax: 310.338.5997

Department Secretary: Alexis Dolan

E-mail: Alexis.Dolan@lmu.edu

Philosophy Graduate Program

Mission Statement

The M.A. program at Loyola Marymount University is marked by three emphases: the history of Philosophy, including recent and contemporary continental philosophy; ethical studies; and philosophy informing and informed by the Catholic and Jesuit tradition. Our students are invited to acquire a solid grasp of the history of Philosophy, both Western and Eastern, and to pursue specialized studies of a range of philosophical issues and figures. The program is designed for students who seek the comprehensive background and training required for admission to and success in a Ph.D. program in Philosophy, as well as for those who wish to complement their studies in related disciplines with the Master of Arts in Philosophy. A special feature of our M.A. Program is our commitment to imparting to students the skills associated with effective teaching as they broaden and deepen their philosophical understanding.

The Department

The Loyola Marymount University Department of Philosophy has a longstanding commitment to excellent teaching, careful advising, and productive scholarship, and is dedicated to providing a collegial and friendly environment conducive to ongoing intellectual development. We encourage both students and faculty to engage in collaborative inquiry and discussion. While the department as a whole values a strong foundation in the history of philosophy, it is pluralistic in its orientation. The Department is distinguished by its desire to familiarize students with the full range of philosophical traditions and issues: western and eastern, continental and analytic. The special interests of our faculty cover a broad range of systematic topics and historical periods, providing resources for a wide variety of specialized studies.

Admission Requirement

  1. The General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (waived for some foreign applicants).
  2. Demonstration of undergraduate competence in Philosophy, as evidenced by the completion of an undergraduate major or minor in Philosophy, or strong undergraduate preparation in a closely related field. The competency of students with non-traditional backgrounds will be determined in interviews with the Program Director.
  3. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0.
  4. An application, an application fee, and two letters of recommendation testifying to the student's aptitude for graduate studies in Philosophy, from professors familiar with the student's undergraduate work in Philosophy.
  5. A personal statement, of no more than four typed pages, on why the applicant wishes to pursue philosophical studies at the graduate level. Applicants should indicate in their statements their intention to pursue either a terminal M.A. or to seek admission to a Ph.D. program after earning the M.A.
  6. A writing sample of approximately 10 typed pages, preferably of philosophical writing.
  7. The deadline for the receipt of all materials is March 15 for the Fall semester and November 1 for the Spring semester.

Financial Assistance

Every student admitted into the program is considered for tuition assistance. The amounts of the grants vary and are awarded on the basis of both merit and need. One Research Assistantship is awarded each year. Teaching Fellowships may be awarded to students who participate in the Teacher Orientation Program (TOP). Students may also apply for a number of on-campus jobs reserved for graduate students. Rains Research Assistantships (60 hours per semester, 120 hours per year) may be obtained by arrangement with individual professors.


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