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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2017-2018 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LMU|Teach for America Partnership

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Contact Information

Director: Edmundo F. Litton

Program Coordinator, Los Angeles: Natasha D'Costa

Telephone: 310.338.1768

Location: University Hall 1300

Assistant Director, Northern California: Jody Moody

Program Coordinator, Northern California: Stephanie Serventi

Telephone: 415.305.9361

This comprehensive two-year program combines coursework for the Master of Arts in Urban Education with a preliminary teaching credential while participating in Teach for America in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, or California Capital Valley (Sacramento and Stockton areas), or an identified school intern partnership. The Bilingual Cross-Cultural Academic and Language Development or BCLAD teaching credential (Spanish or Mandarin emphasis) can be added to the credential if a candidate meets the requirements of this program. Applicants who already hold a CA teaching credential may be eligible to pursue a distinct Master of Arts program, depending on interest, application, and transcript evaluation.


The School of Education is committed to social justice and therefore maintains a strong focus on serving underrepresented and under-resourced school communities. In order to advocate for education for these school communities and their students, the School of Education has partnered with Teach for America (TFA), the national corps of outstanding graduates of all academic majors who commit to teach in public schools and become lifelong leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunities for all children. As the preferred university partner in Los Angeles since 2000, the LMU|TFA Partnership expanded to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010. The LMU School of Education is currently the exclusive university partner with Teach for America in California, serving both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay regions (San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland) and the California Capital Valley (Sacramento and Stockton). Since expanding to the Northern California regions, the School of Education now has approved regional centers in Northern California. The program information outlined below is based on the program offerings in Los Angeles and are available/applicable to LMU|TFA Partnership students in the Northern California regions, as well as established intern school partnership programs in both regions.

The LMU|TFA Partnership program requires that candidates work full-time in a public school district while they complete requirements for a California 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential that aligns with their teaching assignment, and a Master of Arts degree. Once candidates are admitted into the LMU|TFA Partnership program, they will have the opportunity to choose a credential and/or Master of Arts degree program that supports their teaching assignment. All LMU|TFA students pursue a California SB2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential (either Multiple Subjects for K-5 teachers or Single Subject for grade 6-12) or a California Mild/Moderate Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential. Candidates with an interest in bilingual education can also take additional courses to earn their bilingual authorization. Participants in the LMU|TFA program may be eligible for an Americorps educational award through their TFA membership. Participants are also eligible for an LMU SOE tuition grant that is contingent on full participation in all related grant program requirements and completion of their two-year commitment to TFA and LMU program.

The LMU|TFA program pathways include Elementary Education (Multiple Subjects), Secondary Education (Single Subject: Math, Science, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies), and Special Education. For specific information about the Special Education intern program pathway, please refer to the Special Education program section.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the LMU|TFA Partnership is limited to candidates who have been admitted to, and matriculate with, Teach for America in the Los Angeles or Northern California regions. Students interested in participating in these programs must begin their application process with Teach for America directly and be assigned to one of these regions in order to apply for the LMU|TFA Partnership program. Admission into this program is contingent upon the availability of space as well as the candidate meeting all LMU School of Education admission requirements and deadlines for their program pathway. Candidates must complete all admission requirements outlined in either the Multiple Subjects or Single Subject credential program as described in respective sections. Once students are confirmed TFA Los Angeles or TFA Northern California corps members, they will receive admissions application instructions from their respective LMU program office. LMU|TFA Partnership students are admitted under Provisional or Controlled Admission. Please see the School of Education Academic Regulations for information on the admission categories.

Program Requirements

LMU|TFA Partnership students admitted to a program are required to attend all LMU Orientation events as well as any additional requirements for their specific program pathway. Orientation events include recruitment webinars, in-person presentations about their program, sessions on registration, program and disposition expectations, credential requirements and processes, and financial responsibilities. Eligible students are also required to participate in all institutional scholarships/grants. Students are expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout their LMU programs as well as meet all SOE policy guidelines for successful progress and completion of their program and degree.

LMU|TFA Partnership students take their coursework over a period of two years. Exceptions to the recommended sequence must be approved by the Program Director, Department Chair, and Credential Director. The Partnership is comprehensive and includes all the coursework and field experience required to obtain a preliminary teaching credential and Master of Arts degree.

Course Requirements for the Teach for America Program

Credential Coursework

The following information is for LMU|TFA Partnership students holding teaching assignments in General and Special Education K-12 settings only.


One or two additional semesters of Fieldwork Experience coursework may be required for individual students on the Multiple Subjects or Single Subject traditional program pathway depending on their program and credential progress.

In addition to the required coursework, candidates for the teaching credential must also pass examinations and assessments as specific to their credential program track and set for by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing such as Teaching Performance Assessments, CPR certification, and completion of a program exit presentation before they can be recommended for their credential and continue on with the Master of Arts degree.

Early Completion Option

The Early Completion Option (ECO) program pathway is available only to LMU|TFA Partnership students who have successfully passed the Assessment of Professional Knowledge Exam (in addition to all other required credentialing exams) prior to enrollment and hold confirmed teaching assignments in Multiple Subjects (K-5) or Single Subject Math, English, Science, Spanish, or Social Studies (6-12) only.

Students who opt into this program track must take and pass the required ECO Entrance Exam before they can be accepted into this program track. This program track is a total of 12 semester hours and provides candidates the option to complete their credential program requirements on an earlier timeline than traditional track students. In order to remain on the ECO program track, students must take and successfully pass each Teaching Performance Assessment task (TPA) the first time they take it. ECO students are not able to re-take TPAs on this program track. Failure to successfully pass each TPA on the first attempt exempts the student from continuing on this program track, and the student will need to enroll in the traditional program track appropriate for their teaching assignment and meet all program and course requirements for that track.


In addition to the required coursework, candidates for the teaching credential must also pass examinations and assessments as specific to their credential program track and set for by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing such as Teaching Performance Assessments, CPR certification, and completion of a program exit presentation before they can be recommended for their credential and continue on with the Master of Arts degree.

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