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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism Minor

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As readers and writers we are concerned with stories–“content” in the parlance of the digital realm–who tells them about whom, how they are told, how they arrive at an audience, and what happens to them when they become “public.” Our journalism program directly engages LMU’s mission of the promotion of justice by critiquing media representations and their immediate social and political impact, and also by exploring the history of social advocacy in both old and new media.

LMU’s Journalism program is housed in the English Department, where the creative and critical pursuits that are the soul of the department’s mission align perfectly with the genre. As a department, we study the history of literature, the craft of writing, and the ethics and politics of representation. New media have brought us the possibility of a democratization of representation, but troubling issues of power and identity endure. Many journalism programs limit the study of “ethics” in their curricula to introductory classes and largely to a discussion of the reporter’s responsibility to the subject. What distinguishes our program is that the ethical discussion suffuses the entire curriculum.

Journalism at LMU is not merely theoretical; we offer hands-on instruction in the reporting, writing, editing, and technological skills that students need to become professional journalists. For more information about the Journalism program, please contact Director Evelyn McDonnell,


Open to all majors. Students who wish to major in English and minor in Journalism may double count one course.

20 semester hours of coursework with a C (2.0) or better in each class. Three courses are required: 1) JOUR 2100 Language of Journalism , 2) JOUR 3381 Journalism and New Media  or JOUR 3300 Critical and Ethical Issues in Journalism , and 3) JOUR 4468 Journalism: Capstone . JOUR 2100  must be taken before or concurrently with JOUR 3381  or JOUR 3300 . The lower division requirement (JOUR 2100 ) will give Journalism minor students the foundation for further study, acquaint them with journalistic formats, and teach them the fundamentals of reportage and news literacy, essential tools for all apprentice journalists. Students may be exempted from taking JOUR 2100  and enroll in JOUR 2210 Writing for Journalism: Workshop  instead, if they can demonstrate (via résumé and portfolio) significant secondary or post-secondary journalism proficiency and experience. A course list follows:

1. Two required courses

(8 semester hours)

2. One course in community journalism or specialized journalism

(4 semester hours)

3. JOUR 4468 Journalism: Capstone

(4 semester hours).

Restricted to senior Journalism minors.

4. One elective

(4 semester hours) chosen from English courses in Journalism.

Total: 20 semester hours

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