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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS), B.S.

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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS) is designed to 1) prepare students for careers in the IT (information technology) field; 2) provide analytical and quantitative skills for careers in such areas as business analytics and consulting; 3) provide hands-on experience with cutting edge information technologies; and 4) teach critical skills to help students continuously adapt to the ever-changing field of information technology and their applications in business. The B.S. degree requires four courses in the Department of Computer Science, in addition to satisfying all the requirements of the Bachelor of Business Administration in AIMS.

Learning Outcomes

The Applied Information Management Systems major involves the application of computers to meet the information needs of organizations. It prepares students to use modern information technology to solve business problems at the operational, technical, and strategic levels. Learning outcomes for AIMS majors are as follows:

  • Utilize competencies gained from hands-on experience in core information technologies including:
    • programming languages
    • database management systems
    • spreadsheets and other software used to analyze data
    • web development techniques and technologies
    • networking and telecommunications
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills when analyzing business problems
  • Identify problems, structure problems, propose an IT solution, and solve the problem
  • Have the knowledge to plan, manage, develop, and implement information systems in business and organizational settings
  • Learn how to effectively work in teams
  • Effectively communicate complex technological concepts including
    • oral communications
    • written communications

Major Requirements


A cumulative GPA of C (2.0) must be achieved in the major requirements (all business, economics, and mathematics courses).

For purposes of meeting the requirements for the B.S. Applied Information Management Systems major, degree and determination of academic probation, an overall cumulative grade point average of at least a C (2.0) must be obtained in all courses required in the major.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Applied Information Management Systems

Students electing the B.S. in AIMS degree must complete all the requirements of the Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS), B.B.A.  degree. In addition, the B.S. in AIMS adds four Computer Science courses (12 semester hours), including CMSI 185 Computer Programming . CMSI 186 Programming Lab  is also highly recommended, but not required.

A side-by-side comparison of the two degrees, B.B.A. vs. B.S., shows that students can complete the B.S. by taking 120 semester hours, the same as the B.B.A. degree, by using their free electives to satisfy the four CMSI electives. For more information about the CMSI courses, please consult the Bulletin for course offerings in the Department of Computer Science.

A Comparison of the Two Degrees

  B.B.A B.S. Note
University Core 30-36 30-36  
Business Core 45 45  
Math Requirement 3 3  
AIMS major courses 15 15  
CMSI courses 0 12 (1)
Free elective 21-27 9-15 (2)
Total 120 120  


(1) B.S. majors must take 12 semester hours in the Department of Computer Science, College of Science and Engineering, including a programming language course.

(3) Free electives may be needed to complete some Flagged Course requirements.

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