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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management, B.B.A.


Management involves planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the activities necessary to successfully run an organization. In studying management, the student will focus on the practical skills, ethical issues, and management theory necessary to succeed in our diverse global economy. The Management Department offers two types of courses: general knowledge courses and specialized courses. General knowledge courses are required of all business majors. Elective courses are chosen by majors who wish to gain specialized instruction in specific areas of management.

Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Business Administration–Management Major at LMU will provide undergraduate students with the fundamental theories, problem-solving tools, and current real-world information and actual learning experience necessary to support their entry and ongoing career success as ethical and socially responsible leaders, managers, and administrators in various kinds of organizations. All Management Major students will demonstrate acceptable understanding and skills in:

  1. Interpersonal/team effectiveness
  2. Communications
  3. Key processes of planning/goal setting, decision making, problem solving
  4. Critical HR functional areas
  5. Career management.

Upon completion of requirements for this major,

  • Students should understand and be able to explain and evaluate the critical role and functions of management in organizations and apply principal concepts and models in the field of management within an organization;
  • Students should understand and be able to describe and explain how the human resource function in an organization contributes to overall productivity through its component activities;
  • Students should understand and be able to apply concepts of career planning and management both generally and to their own career.

Major Requirements


A cumulative GPA of C (2.0) must be achieved in the major requirements (all business, economics, and mathematics courses).

For purposes of meeting the requirements for the B.B.A., Management major, degree and determination of academic probation, an overall cumulative grade point average of at least a C (2.0) must be obtained in all courses required in the major.

Completion of Management Major

To complete the Management Major, students will complete all LMU and CBA core requirements, plus the required MGMT 3620 Management Skills  course, one international management elective, and 3 advanced three-semester-hour management elective courses (5 courses overall). To fulfill the international elective requirement, students may choose from MGMT 4630 International Management , MGMT 4640 Cross-Cultural Leadership , MGMT 4672 Managing a Global Workforce , MGMT 3651 Building Global Career Competence , or INBA 4840 International Entrepreneurship . Students interested in building a special focus in international management should consider these international courses or any other international (INBA) advanced electives when selecting their required three advanced elective courses. Students interested in building a special focus in human resource management (HRM) should consider the following when selecting their required three advanced elective courses:

Model 4-Year Plan–Bachelor of Business Administration–Management Major Curriculum

The following curriculum represents the order or sequence in which it is expected that students will take the various courses required for the B.B.A. (Management major) degree.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Total: 14-16 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 13-16 semester hours

Sophomore Year

Total: 18-19 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 16-19 semester hours

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Total: 15-16 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 15-17 semester hours

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Total: 14-15 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 12-14 semester hours