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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing, B.B.A.

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The Marketing major focuses on activities that facilitate the creation of value and exchange between individuals and organizations. The Marketing Pathway Curriculum, introduced Fall 2018, prepares students to be future-proof and real-world ready in career such as marketing research and analytics, advertising and promotion, interactive digital and social media marketing, brand planning and strategy, marketing and product management, global marketing, retailing, and sales management. Additionally, these career paths can lead to leadership positions in all types of organizations and industries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should know the core concepts of creating customer and company value and developing and executing the marketing mix (consisting of product, pricing, promotional, and place/distribution strategy) within the broader frameworks of business, society, and culture.
  • Students should understand the environmental, psychological, technological, socio-cultural, and competitive factors impacting businesses and consumers within marketing and exchange processes in the 21st century.
  • Students should understand the impact of present and future technological change (e.g., digital and social media marketing, e-commerce, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence) on both consumer behavior and marketing strategy and practice.
  • Students should understand the ethical and legal implications of both customer and business decision-making processes and outcomes.
  • Students should acquire analytical and critical thinking skills, both qualitative and quantitative, for addressing challenges and optimizing the decision processes for businesses and consumers.
  • Students should develop effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Students should learn to collaborate and work effectively in teams.
  • Students should develop confidence in expressing, articulating, and championing both their creativity and their ethical principles in addressing business and organizational opportunities and challenges.

Major Requirements


For purposes of meeting the requirements for the B.B.A. in Marketing, an overall cumulative grade point average of at least a C (2.0) must be obtained in all courses required in the major.

All (Business Core, Major, and Elective) Marketing Courses:


Students in the Marketing major begin by completing the foundational marketing course, MRKT 3510 Principles of Marketing , which is a required core business class for all business and accounting majors. It is strongly recommended that students complete MRKT 3510  during their sophomore year. At the beginning of their junior year, students then choose to enter one of the four specialized Marketing Curriculum Pathways: Applied Learning in Societal Transformation (ALIST), Creating Customer and Company Value (3CV), Marketing Analytics (MA), or the M-School program. Note that admission into the M-School Pathway is competitive and based on an application process taking place in April of the students’ sophomore year. Once in a Pathway, students must first complete the specific Foundational course within that Pathway before taking any advanced MRKT elective courses or the required Capstone course within that respective Pathway, Alternatively, students may elect to not enter any Marketing Curriculum Pathway, and instead pursue a General Marketing Curriculum.

The foundational courses within the respective pathways include MRKT 3513 Rethinking the Marketplace  (in the ALIST Pathway), MRKT 3515 Consumer Behavior  (in the 3CV Pathway), MRKT 3517 Foundation of Marketing Analytics  (in the MA Pathway), and MRKT 3521 The New World of Branding and Advertising  (in the M-School Pathway).

Requirements for the Marketing major are specific to each Pathway:

Students in the ALIST Pathway will complete the foundational MRKT 3513 Rethinking the Marketplace  course, three advanced MRKT elective courses chosen from among those specifically designated as ALIST electives, and the capstone MRKT 4593 Brand Storytelling  course.

Students in the 3CV Pathway will complete the foundational MRKT 3515 Consumer Behavior  course, three advanced MRKT elective courses chosen from among those specifically designated as 3CV electives, and the capstone MRKT 4595 Value Creation and Marketing Accountability  course.

Students in the MA Pathway must complete the foundational MRKT 3517 Foundation of Marketing Analytics  course, MRKT 4517 Data-Driven Customer Insights , MRKT 4527 Customer Relationship Management , MRKT 4537 Online and Social Media Analytics , and the capstone MRKT 4547 Strategic Marketing Decision Making  course.

Alternatively, after completing MRKT 3510 , Marketing students can apply for admittance into the M-School program at the end of their sophomore year. Admittance is competitive and not guaranteed; however, if accepted into the M-School, students are required to complete the five M-School specific classes in order to meet the requirements of the Marketing major. These classes are: MRKT 3521 The New World of Branding and Advertising MRKT 3531 Brand Planning and Strategy , MRKT 4511 Cross-Platform Content Creation , MRKT 4521 Adaptive Media and Analytics , and MRKT 4531 Creative Brand Management .

Please note that students will be permitted to begin taking their foundational course and associated required or advanced elective courses with a Pathway only after completing MRKT 3510 Principles of Marketing .

Students wanting to pursue a Marketing major without electing to join any of the four Marketing Pathways may alternatively complete a General Marketing Curriculum. After completing MRKT 3510 Principles of Marketing , the General Marketing Curriculum requires a student to complete both MRKT 3517 Foundation of Marketing Analytics  and MRKT 3515 Consumer Behavior , and then any three additional 4-semester-hour 4000-level MRKT elective courses of the student’s choosing (enrollment in M-School courses can only occur with approval from the director of the M-School program).

Model 4-Year Plan–Bachelor of Business Administration–Marketing Major Curriculum

The following curriculum represents one possible order or sequence in which it is expected that students will take the various courses required for the B.B.A. (Marketing major) degree. Individual schedules may vary due to student qualifications, participation in Study Abroad programs, and course availability. In order to graduate within 4 years, a student should complete an average of 15 credits each semester.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Total: 14-16 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 13-16 semester hours

Sophomore Year

Total: 18-19 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 16-18 semester hours

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Total: 16-17 semester hours

Spring Semester

Total: 15-17 semester hours

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Total: 14-15 semester hours

Spring Semester

  • MRKT Pathway-Specific Capstone Course 4 semester hours
  • 3 semester hours
  • University Core 3-4 semester hours
  • Elective 3-4 semester hours
Total: 13-15 semester hours

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