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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2019-2020 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Modern Greek Studies Minor


The Modern Greek Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary program for students interested in studying Modern Greece–its language and culture, politics and history, Christian Orthodox tradition, literature and arts. LMU’s Odyssey Study Abroad Program gives students the opportunity to study in Greece during the summer. The minor complements a wide range of academic fields and disciplines and is aimed at students interested in interdisciplinary international studies. It promotes intercultural awareness and understanding and provides the tools for students to become engaged global citizens.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies will know:

  • the principle aspects of Modern Greek language and culture
  • the principle topics of Modern Greek politics and history
  • the beliefs and practices of the Greek Orthodox Tradition in a theological, historical, and cultural context
  • representative works of Modern Greek literary and artistic production as well as the theoretical tools for their understanding and critical analysis

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies will be able to:

  • understand and communicate effectively in Modern Greek
  • make critical connections between past and present Greek history, literature, and culture
  • understand Modern Greece in a global context
  • express themselves with clarity, coherence, and intellectual force orally and in writing

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies will value:

  • the distinctive contributions of Greek culture (past and present) to the world
  • multilingualism, multiculturalism, and inter-religious dialogue
  • connections across academic disciplines and their application to real-life issues
  • global awareness and respect for others

Minor Requirements

The minor in Modern Greek Studies consists of 20 semester hours, of which at least 12 hours must be at the 3000 and/or 4000 level. The following distribution is recommended, with the approval of the Director of the minor:

  • 8 semester hours of Modern Greek language instruction (2 courses at the appropriate level)
  • 12 semester hours of upper division courses offered by the Modern Greek Studies program and/or affiliated departments (3 courses at the 3000 and/or 4000 level)

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies may design their own individualized program in consultation with the Director of the Center and their advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Odyssey Study Abroad Program in Greece for a full immersion experience.


Students with previous knowledge of the language or with course credit are requested to contact the program Director to schedule a placement exam.