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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2021-2022 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Economics Minor

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Minor Requirements

24 semester hours consisting of 6 courses plus one 0-semester-hour capstone course/reflection paper (ECON 3900 ).

Lower Division Requirements (2 courses):

Upper Division Requirements (4 courses):

A minimum of three courses in Economics (from the list [1] below).  Plus one additional upper-division course from the following: any upper-division course in Economics, an upper-division course from another department with an international or non-US focus (see list [2]), or with prior approval of the Director of the Global Economics minor or the Department Chair.

One 0-semester-hour ECON 3900  capstone course (reflection paper).

Other Requirements:

  • Students may not combine a minor in Global Economics with a major or minor in Economics.
  • An average grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in courses included in the minor
  • A zero-credit course in which students will write a reflection paper after they took at least 5 out of 6 courses required for the minor
  • International requirement (one of the following):
    • 2 years of foreign language
    • Language proficiency [3]
    • Internship with international focus (100 hours) [4]
    • An international internship (100 hours) [4][5]
    • A Washington Center internship
    • Study Abroad (Semester or Summer) [6] 
    • Other pertinent international experience [7]

[1] In Economics, the following internationally-focused courses include:

[2] In other Departments and Programs, the following global/non-US focused courses are pre-approved:

In Asian Pacific American Studies:


Any other non‐ECON course must be approved by the Economics Department prior to course enrollment.

[3] Language proficiency will be assessed via the Modern Languages’ online placement tests.

Although Level 3 proficiency is the required minimum, we strongly encourage students to continue to more advanced levels.

[4] Internships need to meet the Economics Department expectations for internships, see appendix.

All internships need to be approved by the Director of the Global Economics Minor and the Department Chair. Internship Course (ECON 3850 ) does not count for the minor requirement.

[5] The required information for international internships needs to be provided also in English.

[6] The Study Abroad experience must be an LMU or LMU‐approved semester or summer program.

The summer program must be at least 6 semester hours. Ideally, this requirement should enhance a student’s language skills and cultural awareness that s/he is focused on in courses at LMU. A maximum of one course from study abroad may count towards the minor beyond the study abroad requirement.

[7] International students may explore the possibility of having the foreign language and/or international experience waived, in consultation with the Director of the Global Economics Minor and the Department Chair.

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