Dec 06, 2023  
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2023-2024 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2023-2024

Health and Human Sciences Minor

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The Health and Human Sciences (HHSC) minor provides students an opportunity to learn about the human body and health by combining classroom training with state-of-the-art hands-on laboratory experiences. Students in the minor of HHSC are interested in kinesiology, exercise science, understanding chronic disease, use of exercise and nutrition to promote health, or the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. With the variety of class offerings, laboratory experiences, as well as internship and research opportunities, this minor will prepare non-HHSC majors for graduate studies in physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise science, nursing, physician assistant, public health, athletic training, and other health professions.

Students are asked to state their interest in the HHSC minor by completing an application available from the Department Chairperson or the Senior Administrative Coordinator for HHSC as early as their first semester.  Admission to the HHSC minor is restricted and admission requests may not always be possible.  Final decisions being made by the Chair with consultation from the department.  Selection to the minor will be based on student declaration of postgraduate plans and academic status.  The evaluation process will take place at the end of every spring semester with students being informed once the evaluation process has been completed.

The minor consists of 21 units, including a minimum of 11 lower-division and 10 upper-division HHSC semester hours. One upper-division combined HHSC lecture and laboratory sequence is required. 

Required lower-division courses:

  • HHSC 1550   Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 1556   Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory 1 semester hour
  • HHSC 2550   Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 2556   Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory 1 semester hour

Students must additionally complete one lower-division course from the following:

  • HHSC 1700   Personal Health 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 2300   Nutrition 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 2780   Science, Nutrition, and Health 3 semester hours

Required upper-division courses:

Students must complete one lecture and laboratory course sequence below representing 4 additional upper division:

A minimum of 6 additional upper-division semester hours selected from options below are required: 

  • HHSC 3100   Health Services for Marginalized Populations 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3130   Medical Bioethics 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3140   Global and Community Health 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3150   Exercise for Special Populations 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3220   Public Health 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3600   Upper Extremity Evaluation 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3610   Lower Extremity Evaluation 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3750  + HHSC 3756  Exercise Physiology with Labroatory 3+1 semester hours
  • HHSC 3800   Kinesiology 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3900   Health and Human Sciences Teaching 1 semester hour  
  • HHSC 3950   Allied Health Internship 1 semester hour
  • HHSC 3970   Allied Health Internship II 1 to 2 semester hours
  • HHSC 3998   or HHSC 4998  Special Studies 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 3999   Independent Studies 1 to 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 4100   Epidemiology 3 semester hours
  • HHSC 4600  + HHSC 4606  Therapeutic Modalities with Laboratory 3+1 semester hours
  • HHSC 4610  + HHSC 4616  Therapeutic Rehabilitation in Sports Medicine and Laboratory 3+1 semester hours
  • HHSC 4750  + HHSC 4756  Strength and Conditioning with Laboratory 3+1 semester hours
  • HHSC 4800  + HHSC 4806  Biomechanics with Laboratory 3+1 semester hours


Upper-division courses for the minor must be selected under the direction of the Chairperson or assigned Academic Advisor from the Department of Health and Human Sciences. 

A maximum of 3 semester hours of independent study coursework may count in the upper-division minor category. This includes any HHSC course between the numbers of 3900 and 3999, except 3998.

An average grade of C (2.0) must be accumulated in all courses included in the minor.

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