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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2014-2015 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Honors Program

Program Requirements

Students in the University Honors Program replace the University Core with the following University Honors Core:

Foundations (Years 1-2)

Honors Colloquium: Introduction to Honors (1 Semester hour)

Honors First Year Seminar

Philosophical Inquiry (Honors section)

Theological inquiry (Honors section)

In addition, students must take one course in Studies in American Diversity from the University Core.

University Honors students must demonstrate proficiency, by coursework or by examination, to the 203 (intermediate) level of any foreign language. International students fulfill this requirement by TOEFL proficiency in English as a Second Language.

Explorations (Years 2-3)

Honors Colloquium: Research and Exhibition (1 semester hour)

Honors Literary Analysis

Historical Analysis (Honors section)

Nature of Science, Technology, and Mathematics (Honors section)

In addition, students must take one course in Creative Experience and Understanding Human Behavior from the University Core.

Integrations (Years 3-4)

Honors Colloquium: Post-Baccalaureate Success Seminar (1 semester hour)

Contemplation in Action: Ethics and Justice (Honors section)

Honors Thesis (or thesis/project/capstone course in one’s major)

Honors Portfolio and Assessment (0 semester hours)

In addition, students must take one course in Faith and Reason from the University Core.

AP and IB Equivalencies

The University Honors Program offers HNRS credit for AP and IB tests in the appropriate areas in accordance to LMU’s AP and IB equivalences. However, Honors sections of courses (including specifically Literary Analysis; Historical Analysis; and Nature of Science, Technology, and Mathematics) may not be satisfied in this way. AP credit in a foreign language fulfills the Honors language requirement.

Liberal Studies Students

Students who are working toward elementary education credentials need to meet with the Honors Director to determine the best coursework path. Decisions about courses will be made in consultation with the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation.