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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2014-2015 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bilingual Elementary Education, M.A. with a Preliminary 2042 Multiple Subjects Credential

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The Master of Arts program emphasizes the preparation of highly qualified elementary school teachers to conduct quality bilingual and intercultural education for a variety of student populations. This combined program fulfills all the requirements for the Master of Arts in Bilingual Education degree and the 2042 Multiple Subjects Preliminary Teaching Credential with a Bilingual Authorization in Spanish or Mandarin.

Candidates following this path will complete all coursework before beginning their culminating experience as student teachers. Candidates must successfully pass all components of the CBEST for formal admission in the 2042 credential. The School of Education will facilitate candidates' placement as student teachers. Placements must be completed in the subject or grade level that is authorized by the credential.

Program Goals

  1. Candidate will engage and support all students in learning.
  2. Candidate will create and maintain effective environments for student learning.
  3. Candidate will understand and organize subject matter for student learning.
  4. Candidate will plan instruction and design learning experiences for all students.
  5. Candidate will assess student learning.
  6. Candidate will  develop as a professional educator.
  7. Candidate will study the philosophical, theoretical, legal and legislative foundations of bilingual education.
  8. Candidate will plan, implement and assess standards-based language and content instruction in the primary language.
  9. Candidate will apply research in regards to bilingual and biliteracy development.
  10. Candidate will demonstrate knowledge of the traditions, status and communication patterns of the culture of emphasis as experienced in the country or countries or origin and the United States.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting all of the application requirements for Graduate admission all students must demonstrate minimum language competency in Spanish or Mandarin prior to starting the Bilingual Authorization program. Bilingual Authorization candidates can meet this language requirement by providing an official transcript showing completion of a Spanish major or minor, passing an approved language examination, transcript showing extensive schooling in a Spanish/Chinese speaking country, or appropriate Peace Corps experience in a Spanish- or Chinese-speaking country.

1. Attendance at an Information Session (for Credential Candidates Only)
Please contact the School of Education Admissions Coordinator to attend an information session. Applicants will receive an information packet that includes:

  • Graduate Application
  • Candidate Information Sheet
  • Three Recommendation Forms
  • Technology Self-Verification Form
  • Fingerprint Clearance Form
  • Program information

2. Submission of Graduate Application and Application Fee
Applicants may either submit the application to the Graduate Division or complete the online application.

3. Candidate Information Sheet
Applicants must submit the Candidate Information Sheet to the Graduate Division.

4. Statement of Intent
Applicants must write a 3- to 5-page essay describing how their experiences, qualities, and goals reflect the School of Education's motto-REAL (Respect, Educate, Advocate, Lead). See website for additional information on REAL. The Statement of Intent should be submitted to the Graduate Division with the application and Candidate Information Sheet.

5. Letters of Recommendation
Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation to the Graduate Division. At least one letter must verify the applicant's experience and familiarity with the elementary school age group.

6. Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement
A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher or a GPA of 3.05 or higher in the last 60 units of the applicant's undergraduate degree or a GPA of 3.0 or higher obtained in 9 units of graduate work. Students who do not meet this requirement may be recommended to the Exceptions Committee by the Academic Program Director.

7. Transcripts
Applicants must submit, to the Graduate Division, two sets of official transcripts with their bachelor's degree posted. If applicants are in the process of completing their degree, they must submit official transcripts with their degree posted by the start of registration for the following semester. Candidates must submit two sets of official transcripts from each college/university attended.

8. Observation/Volunteer Hours Plan of Action
Candidates must complete at least 20 hours of experience working with culturally diverse youths 13-19 years of age.

9. Basic Skills Proficiency Requirements
All Single (Secondary) Subject applicants must meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements for basic skills. An official passing score on the CBEST examination to demonstrate proficiency in basic skills. A passing score report must be submitted to the School of Education.

10. Subject Matter Competency Test (CSET) Plan of Action
Candidates must demonstrate mastery of the required subject matter by passing the appropriate subject matter exam (CSET). Candidates will provide a Plan of Action, written statement, on when the CSET will be taken. Candidates must provide an original passing score report to the School of Education.

Secondary Candidates may provide a letter verifying 100% completion of the subject matter coursework from a 2042 approved program.

11. Certificate of Clearance (COC): Official results of the Certificate of Clearance must be received by the Credential Office prior to enrolling in teacher education courses. All fees associated with the fingerprint clearance application are the responsibility of the student.

12. U.S. Constitution Requirement: Candidates may satisfy the U.S. Constitution requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Successfully completing a LMU course;
  • Completing an equivalent course at another institution. The course must be approved by the School of Education Admissions Coordinator. Candidates must present a course syllabus and course description.
  • Passing the U.S. Constitution Exam online.

13. Tuberculin Test: Candidates must submit an official copy of their tuberculin skin test results, given within one year.

14. Technology Requirement: Candidates may satisfy the technology requirement by either completing a self-verification form or verifying the completion of an approved 2042 course through another institution. Candidates must register for ePortfolio during the first prerequisite course. The fee is assessed during the first semester of enrollment.

15. Interview: The candidate will be asked to schedule a personal interview with the Director/Assistant Director of the academic program to which the candidate is applying. The interview will not be scheduled until all letters of recommendation have been received.

Traditional Candidates

Course Requirements

Candidates following this path will complete all coursework before beginning their culminating experience as student teachers. Candidates must successfully pass all components of the CBEST for formal admission in the 2042 credential. The School of Education will facilitate candidates’ placement as student teachers. Placements must be completed in the subject or grade level that is authorized by the credential.

Pre-Requisite Coursework

Candidates will complete the courses with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better prior to enrolling in EDCE 5976 , TPA 3 and TPA 4:

Student Teaching Requirements

1. Complete the following three courses with a grade of "B" (3.0) or better prior to enrolling in student teaching:

Bilingual Authorization—Spanish or Mandarin:

Bilingual Authorization—Mandarin

2. Teaching Performance Assessments:

Tasks 1 and 2 (0 semester hours, fee required):

3. Health Education for Educators:

Candidates may satisfy the Health Education requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Successful completion of EDES 8000 
  • Successful completion of a 2042 approved course through another institution. It is recommended that the candidate obtain approval from the School of Education Credential Office prior to taking class. Official transcripts must be submitted as evidence of course completion.

4. Professional Advising

Schedule an appointment with the Bilingual/Bicultural Program Director.

5. CSET Score Report:

Original score report verifying 100% successful completion of all sections of the Multiple Subjects CSET.

6. Disposition Rubric:

Candidates are expected to uphold both academic and non-academic standards embraced by the School of Education. Non-academic factors include behaviors, dispositions, and attitudes that educators must positively develop. The Disposition Rubric will be used to assess the professional dispositions of our candidates.

8. Fieldwork Application:

Candidates must complete the fieldwork application and violation affidavit with the Academic Advisor.

9. CSET, LOTE, Test 3:

Bilingual Authorization candidates must pass Test 3 (Spanish or Mandarin language) of the Bilingual Authorization exam prior to enrolling in student teaching. Candidates who are completing or have completed a degree with a Spanish or Chinese major are exempt from this requirement.

Culminating Fieldwork Requirements

1. Student Teaching:

3. Complete:

Exit Interview

The candidate must schedule an exit interview with the Bilingual Education Program Director. The exit interview must be completed prior to submitting an application for a credential and Master of Arts degree.

Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)

After completing EDES 6201 (Foundations of Elementary Literacy Instruction), candidates are required to take, pass, and submit an original score report of the RICA to the School of Education prior the completion of their student teaching.

Intern/Practitioner Candidates

University Intern: A candidate following this path is employed full-time at a public school in a district that has a partnership with LMU. The candidate takes courses while teaching full-time. This employment status, along with additional supervision in the classroom provided through LMU, fulfills the fieldwork requirements of the credential. Candidates seek out their own employment as an Intern unless the candidate is part of a cohort program where placement is facilitated through the program. The Intern must be employed to teach at least 60% in the area of the credential, and the contract must state that the teacher is contracted to teach in the subject/grade in which the candidate is seeking a credential. It is necessary that the student hold a University Intern credential in order to be in the Intern program.

Application for Credential

When all requirements have been completed, candidates must complete an application for a preliminary teaching credential (additional fee required, see SOE website for more information).

Application for Master of Arts Degree

Candidates must complete an application for a Master of Arts degree with the Office of the Registrar the semester prior to the completion of degree requirements.

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