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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2015-2016 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

J.D./M.A. Dual Degree: Doctor of Jurisprudence and Master of Arts in Urban Education (with a Teaching Credential) Degrees

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Contact Information

Co-Director (School of Education): Edmundo F. Litton
Co-Director (Loyola Law School): Sean Scott

The purpose of the Dual JD/MA Program is to prepare candidates to become educational advocates in various educational settings. The dual degree, will also create opportunities for graduates to advocate for educational equity in non-education settings such as in public policy arenas or courtrooms. Key features of the program will allow candidates to obtain a teaching credential, Master of Arts in Urban Education and a Law degree in 4½ years. The program will also allow a candidate to remain in the classroom beyond the two-year TFA commitment because the JD/MA program is designed for candidates who are working full time. JD/MA Dual Degree graduates can join the workforce in either the education or legal sectors. Moreover, the degree can be used in varied legal disciplines that serve the academic arena.

The goals of the dual degree leading to a Master of Arts in Urban Education and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree support the goals of the School of Education and Loyola Law School to work collaboratively in a student-centered environment striving to develop professionals who:

  • Value and respect all individuals in the classroom
  • Promote social justice in urban educational settings by becoming change agents in schools
  • Promote cultural responsiveness through pedagogy that validates the gifts that students bring to the classroom
  • Integrate theory and practice in pedagogy and leadership
  • Seek to change inequitable situations in urban schools as moral, intellectual, responsible, and caring leaders.
  • Collaborate and share leadership across various constituents in urban communities.

In addition to the goals identified above, the Law School’s goals include developing these professionals who:

  • Understand how the law can work in conjunction with other social institutions to challenge structural inequality and promote educational equity.

Admission Requirements

Candidates to the dual degree program must be admitted separately to the School of Education Urban Education program and Loyola Law School. Once admitted to both Schools, a candidate submits an application for the dual degree program. Candidates can submit an application for the dual degree program up to March of the first year of the program or while completing the Year 1 courses in the School of Education for the teaching credential.

Please consult the section for admission to the MA in Urban Education  for admission requirements for the School of Education.

Admission requirements for Loyola Law School can be found at http://www.lls.edu/admissions/jdadmissions/.

Program Requirements

Students are expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout their LMU programs as well as meet all SOE and LLS policy guidelines for successful progress and completion of their program and degree. LMU|TFA Partnership students take their coursework over a period of two years. Exceptions to the recommended sequence must be approved by the Program Directors, Department Chairs, and Credential Director.

Sample Course Requirements

Year 1: School of Education (Credential Classes, total of 17 semester hours)

Fall Semester (6 semester hours)

Year 2: Law School (Total of 19 units)

Summer (0 units)

Fall Semester (10 units)

  • 1L01 Property 5 units
  • 1K01 Torts 5 units
Spring Semester (9 units)

  • 1B01 Contracts 5 units
  • 1J02 Legal Research and Writing 4 units

Year 3: Law School and School of Education (Total of 28 units/semester hours)

Summer (6 units/semester hours)

Fall Semester (11 units)

  • 1J01 Civil Procedure 5 units
  • 2C03 Constitutional Law 4 units
  • 4I63 Intelligence, Testing, and the Law 2 units
Spring Semester (11 units)

  • 4J16 Remedies 4 units
  • 1D01 Criminal Law 4 units
  • 4I09 Race, Gender, and the Law 3 units

Year 4: Law School and School of Education (Total of 25 units/semester hours)

Summer (6 units/semester hours)

Fall Semester (11 units)

  • 2J04 Ethical Lawyering 3 units
  • 2J03 Evidence 4 units
  • 4D07 Criminal Procedure 4 units
Spring Semester (11 units)

  • 4H12 Law and Literature 4 units
  • 4I25 Family Law 2 units
  • 4I53 Special Education and Disability Rights Law 2 units
  • 4I24 Employment Law 3 units

Year 5: Law School and School of Education (Total of 12 units/semester hours)

Summer (1 semester hour)

Fall Semester (11 units)

  • 4L07 Trusts and Wills 4 units
  • 4A03 Business Associations 4 units
  • 4I65 Law and Sexuality 3 units


In the joint program, the MA in Urban Education is modified so that 6 units of coursework come from Loyola Law School. In the traditional MA in Urban Education, in addition to the Education courses listed above, the candidates would have also completed:

The following classes in the Loyola Law program will be used to substitute for the two Education classes listed above. The law classes were selected because they meet the learning outcomes of the MA in Urban Education:

  • 4I09 Race, Gender, and the Law
  • 4I53 Special Education and Disability Rights Law
  • 4I24 Employment Law

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