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Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2016-2017 
Loyola Marymount University Bulletin 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Relations Minor

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Minor Requirements

20 semester hours

Students may minor in both International Relations and Political Science. Students who do so may only double-count one of the lower division courses and none of the upper division courses towards the minor.

A. Lower Division Requirements: 2 courses (8 semester hours)

  1. Students must take POLS 1400  and POLS 1600 .

B. Upper Division Requirements: 3 courses (12 semester hours)

  1. 1 POLS Elective in International Relations or Comparative Politics. 
  2. 2 Electives (courses with international focus from POLS, ECON, SOCL or HIST, or one advanced methods course; see approved courses).

C. Additional Requirements

  1. An average grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in courses included in the minor.
  2. Lower Division requirements must be met before pursuing upper division requirements.
  3. Students must take 2 semesters of a foreign language or demonstrate proficiency [see Note 3], OR engage in an international experience through either:
    1. an Internship with an international focus (120 hours) [see Note 4]; OR
    2. Study Abroad (Semester or Summer) [see Note 5].


Note 1:

In Politics: any upper division comparative politics or international relations course. Other POLS courses with significant global perspectives or international politics course content may count towards the minor at the discretion of the faculty director, and in consultation with the professor.

In Economics: ECON 3700 International Trade  (prerequisite is ECON 1050 ), ECON 3720 International Finance Theory  (prerequisite is ECON 1050 ), ECON 4740 Economic Development  (prerequisite is ECON 3100 ).

In History: HIST 3XXX and 4XXX except 33XX, 34XX, 43XX and 44XX; these include HIST 3600 Conflict and Genocide in Africa HIST 3702 Latin America: Women, Gender, and Sexuality HIST 3704 Latin American Revolutions in Film HIST 3860 Popular Culture in East Asia HIST 4010 Pirates and Piracy HIST 4200 Early Modern Europe HIST 4205 Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century HIST 4206 20th-Century Europe HIST 4215 European Imperialism HIST 4225 Gender in European History HIST 4250 Modern Britain and the British Empire HIST 4251 Victorians to Moderns HIST 4272 20th-Century Eastern Europe HIST 4281 Modern Russia, 1825-1991 HIST 4282 Ethnicity and Empire in Russia HIST 4402 The Politics and Culture of the Cold War, 1917-1989 HIST 4510 Star, Cross, and Crescent HIST 4520 The Ottoman Empire HIST 4540 The Palestine/Israel Conflict HIST 4640 Colonial Africa, 1860-1980 HIST 4800 Asian Empires HIST 4810 Imperial China HIST 4820 Modern China HIST 4830 Women in East Asian History HIST 4840 Modern Japan .

In Sociology: SOCL 3370 Sociology of Globalization SOCL 3340 Social Movements , SOCL 3233 Political Sociology , SOCL 3390 Work and Economic Justice SOCL 3371 Gender and Global Migration , SOCL 3310 Demography and Population Analysis SOCL 3372 Sociology of U.S. Immigration .

Any other non-POLS courses must be approved by the faculty director prior to course enrollment.

Note 2:

Students interested in graduate studies are strongly encouraged to take an advanced methods course.

Note 3:

Language proficiency will be assessed via the Modern Languages’ online placement tests. In the event the test is not offered, the student must go to a language department in a university that does offer that language and have an instructor there assess proficiency and provide a letter as evidence. Although Level 2 proficiency is the required minimum for the minor, we strongly encourage students to continue to more advanced levels.

Note 4:

This could include a local internship, an international internship, or the Washington Center.

Note 5:

The Study Abroad experience must be an LMU or LMU-approved semester or summer program. The summer program must be at least 6 semester hours. Ideally, this requirement should enhance a student’s language skills and cultural awareness that she is focused on in courses at LMU.

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