Animation (ANIM)

ANIM 100  History of Animation  (3 semester hours)  
A survey of the historical developments, styles, techniques, theory, and criticism of animation as an art form. History and use of creative arts used in animation to form effective communication in film and video.
ANIM 101  Discovering Animation  (3 semester hours)  
An integration of various creative arts used in animation, including analysis of visual language, to complete a survey course of this selected topic. University Core fulfilled: Explorations: Creative Experience.
ANIM 198  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
ANIM 199  Independent Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
ANIM 210  Visual Story Development  (3 semester hours)  
Introduction to visual techniques: color theory, design composition, and storyboarding. University Core fulfilled: Flag: Oral Skills.
ANIM 220  Intermediate Animation Workshop  (3 semester hours)  
Intermediate workshop in the art of traditional animated film production. Topics of study include digital sound production, motion and articulation strategies, camera and post-production techniques. Lab fee. Prerequisite: ANIM 260.
ANIM 230  Introduction to 3D Computer Animation  (3 semester hours)  
Introduction to 3D digital film production. Topics of study include: modeling techniques, image processing and manipulation strategies, motion and articulation solutions, digital production techniques, texture, lighting and rendering methods, compression technology, and systems for computer-created animation. Lab fee.
ANIM 250  Introduction to Interactive Animation  (3 semester hours)  
The integration of animation and interactivity is explored to show how user-controlled animation for games is different than for film and linear narratives. There is also an emphasis on design issues and scripting for interactivity. Lab fee.
ANIM 260  Digital Toolbox  (3 semester hours)  
Introduction to principles and practices of digital imaging as applicable to film and video, with an emphasis on software instruction for animated filmmaking. This course is co-requisite and must be taken at the same time as Intermediate Animation Workshop. Lab fee. Prerequisite: ANIM 101.
ANIM 298  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
ANIM 299  Independent Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
ANIM 301  Animated Perspectives  (3 semester hours)  
Animated Perspectives aims to provide students the opportunity to think deeply about the role their art will play after graduation. As creators, we are responsible for the impact our work has, and so it’s important that we understand the “big picture” conversations that are happening in entertainment, such as: lack of racial diversity, breaking gender stereotypes, and more. By having an open discussion about relevant topics, students will create more socially conscious work. A diverse set of guest speakers from the animation industry will also provide honest advice on what it’s really like to work in entertainment, including topics like dealing with unemployment and labor issues. University Core fulfilled: Flag: Engaged Learning.
ANIM 310  Intermediate Storyboard  (3 semester hours)  
Development of industry-standard storyboards for animation. Students will apply visual directing to draw storyboards as digital animatics, basing these on written scripts, existing sources and also their own creative work. Prerequisites: ANIM 210 and ANIM 220.
ANIM 320  Mechanics of Animation  (3 semester hours)  
Workshop in the art of animated film production. Prerequisite: ANIM 220.
ANIM 330  Intermediate 3D Computer Animation  (3 semester hours)  
Further practical study in computer animation including: modeling; advanced articulation methods, techniques, and solutions; lighting; texture mapping; compositing; and rendering solutions. Prerequisite: ANIM 230.
ANIM 331  Intermediate 2D Computer Animation  (3 semester hours)  
2D digital film production. Topics of study include: image processing and manipulation, motion and articulation strategies, digital production techniques, rendering, and compression techniques.
ANIM 332  Programming 3D Animation Tools  (3 semester hours)  
Building technical skills for animators: how to automate animated graphics, write tools and customize user interfaces using Python scripting. Prerequisite: ANIM 230 or by instructor's approval. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Interdisciplinary Connections; Flags: Information Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning.
ANIM 350  Intermediate Interactive Animation  (3 semester hours)  
Introduction to creative and technical aspects of interactive animation technology. Prerequisite: ANIM 250.
ANIM 352  Game Design  (3 semester hours)  
The iterative process of game design will allow students to develop prototypes of their original games and storylines. Important topics include design issues, balanced play, theming, game theory, intellectual property, and playtesting.
ANIM 353  Game Development  (3 semester hours)  
Development, production, marketing, and distribution of electronic games. Technical details of game and physics engines. Modeling, programming, and interaction techniques, with the practical application of skills used to develop an interactive project. Prerequisite: ANIM 352 or CMSI 375.
ANIM 360  Character Design  (3 semester hours)  
An introduction to the principles of classical character design. Prerequisite: ANIM 220.
ANIM 370  Character Animation  (3 semester hours)  
An intermediate study of the principles of character animation, with an emphasis on performance and the development of advanced proficiencies. Prerequisite: ANIM 220.
ANIM 371  3D Character Animation  (3 semester hours)  
An intermediate study of 3D character animation and software proficiencies, with an emphasis on the technical construction of an animated performance. Prerequisites: ANIM 230 and ANIM 260.
ANIM 380  Visual Effects Compositing  (3 semester hours)  
Concepts and approaches to production work in cinematic visual effects. A combination of digital and traditional methods will be discussed, with a concentration on exercises using computer graphics to illustrate these techniques. Prerequisites: ANIM 220, 230, and 260.
ANIM 398  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
ANIM 399  Independent Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
ANIM 410  Advanced Storyboard  (3 semester hours)  
Advanced research and practice in creating and planning animated film and video. Professional experience in storyboard production. Prerequisite: ANIM 310.
ANIM 420  Experimental Animation  (3 semester hours)  
Workshop and practical applications of experimental aesthetic techniques for animation, with an emphasis on visual innovation in a non-narrative setting. Lab fee.
ANIM 443  History and Analysis of Video Games  (3 semester hours)  
This course will cover genre studies and relevant topics in the development of the past, present, and future of the videogame industry.
ANIM 450  Advanced Interactive Animation  (3 semester hours)  
Advanced production and design of animated interactive content. Prerequisite: ANIM 250.
ANIM 480  Immersive Media Studio  (3 semester hours)  
Development of animated content using immersive media software tools to create a user-controlled experience. Junior or senior standing required.
ANIM 490  Animation Practicum  (3 semester hours)  
Professional experience in animation. Animation internship. Portfolio and demo reel development. Vocational strategies. Junior or senior standing required.
ANIM 495  Thesis Project/Pre-Production  (3 semester hours)  
Pre-production design and development of an approved animated thesis, demonstrating the proficiencies of student's emphasis within the major. This is the first semester of a full-year production leading to the completion of the senior thesis. Animation majors, seniors only.
ANIM 496  Senior Thesis Project/Production  (3 semester hours)  
Continuation of practical experience in animation production. Completion of animation thesis project. The student must provide a professional copy of all senior thesis-level projects to the School of Film and Television in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. Prerequisite: ANIM 495. Animation majors, seniors only.
ANIM 498  Special Studies  (0-4 semester hours)  
ANIM 499  Independent Studies  (1-3 semester hours)