Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Chairperson: Lambert A. Doezema
  • Professors: Nicole C. Bouvier-Brown, S. W. Tina Choe, Lambert A. Doezema, Emily A. Jarvis, Jeremy E.B. McCallum, David A. Moffet
  • Associate Professors: Stephen T. Heller, Kathryn D. Mouzakis, Thomas J. Reilly
  • Assistant Professors: Jonathan Ryan Hunt
  • Senior Instructor: Robert Senter
  • Instructor: Saori Shiraki

The chemistry and biochemistry curricula provide students with a solid foundation necessary for careers in research, health professions, teaching, and industry. The flexibility of the programs gives students the opportunity to explore areas that build upon that foundation. Examples of these areas include forensics, environmental science, and materials science. In addition, students acquire skills in critical thinking and problem solving useful in other professions such as law and business.

Chemistry and biochemistry are empirical sciences. In addition to intellectual mastery of the disciplines, the major programs also develop practical experimental skills. The LMU student obtains “hands on” experience, both in traditional synthetic and analytic bench chemistry, as well as in major contemporary methods and techniques, enhanced by the department’s collection of modern instrumentation.

Because of the complex and sensitive nature of the equipment and techniques of chemistry and biochemistry, continued participation in the programs is contingent on appropriate development of the ability to work maturely and responsibly in the laboratory.