Educational Leadership


  • Chairperson: William Perez
  • Professors: Dolores Delgado Bernal, Karie Huchting, Magaly Lavadenz (Leavey Presidential Endowed Chair), Mary McCullough, William Perez, David Sapp (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs), Estela Zarate (Dean)
  • Associate Professors: Cynthia M. Alcantar, Franca Dell’Olio, Kyo Yamashiro
  • Assistant Professor: Joaquin Noguera
  • Clinical Associate Professor: Manuel N. Ponce Jr., Rebecca Stephenson
  • Clinical Assistant Professor: Lauren Casella
  • Affiliated Faculty: Elvira Armas, Linda Kaminski, Sister Rosemarie Nassif, Gisela O’Brien, Sister Mary Angela Shaughnessy (Senior Distinguished Fellow)

Contact Information

Location: University Hall, Suite 2300

Telephone: 310.258.8748

Fax: 310.338.1647

Program Coordinator/Assistants: Jacqueline Hansen


Assistant Director, Leadership Programs: Rachelle Henry-Hendricks


Our programs are designed to provide new and experienced educators and administrators with the tools, theories, and experiences needed to succeed in transforming educational systems into inclusive, just, and equitable learning environments. Combining theory with practice, our programs prepare graduates as change agents, and the program curriculums provide candidates with a better understanding of the complex issues impacting education and student achievement.