Preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential - Intern / Practitioner / Residency Pathway Program

Contact Information

  • Academic Program Director: Keisha Chin Goosby
  • Program Director (CAST Los Angeles & PLACE): TBD
  • Program Director (Teacher Residency Programs): Sarah Seinfeld
  • Assistant Director & Advisor (Northern California Partnerships, CAST Northern California, & Non-Cohort): Stephanie Serventi
  • Academic Advisor (Los Angeles Non-Cohort, Los Angeles Residency programs, CAST Los Angeles, & PLACE): Terri Taylor
  • Academic Advisor (TFA & Los Angeles Intern Partnerships): TBD


This Graduate Teacher Preparation program is designed for a full-time teacher of record or resident currently in an appropriate placement within grades K-5 or any self-contained classroom in grades 6-8, in either a public or private school. This pathway fulfills all the requirements for a California Preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential.

This program serves multiple cohort programs, including but are not limited to, CAST, PLACE Corps, Avance, Green Dot, KIPP, PUC, TFA, and Wonderful, as well as, non-cohort candidates Intern candidates meeting additional state requirements may be eligible for an Early Completion Option (ECO) and should inquire with their Academic Program Director or Assistant Director about the requirements.

The University Intern Credential is valid for two calendar years, as issued by the CTC. A onetime, one-year extension by appeal is available at the request from the University when an Intern fails to complete the program in the time allotted due to a hardship.

Per Federal Regulation 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v), all LMU School of Education credential/licensure programs meet the California state requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and for the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences as appropriate. The institution (LMU) has not made a determination as to whether these credential, licensure, and professional preparation programs meet the requirements of states outside of California. If you are interested in practicing outside the state of California, it is recommended that you contact the respective licensing entity of that state to seek information or guidance regarding their licensure and credential requirements in advance to allow for appropriate planning.