African American Studies, B.A.


The Department of African American Studies at LMU is devoted to the scholarly examination of the social, cultural, economic, political, and spiritual forces that impact the lives of people of African descent in the Americas and, in turn, the communities they create. AFAM and its curriculum provide students with an explanatory framework through which they can analyze not only the historical and contemporary experiences of peoples of African descent but also those of the wider human community in a global and increasingly diverse society.

By examining the lived experiences of Africans in America and throughout the Diaspora from the perspective of various disciplines, students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their interactions within a diverse society. Thus, African American Studies provides students with an excellent preparation for graduate study, professional schools, social advocacy and activism to promote social justice, and numerous employment opportunities (e.g., law, education, counseling, entertainment, social work, public relations, business, etc.) that require a Bachelor of Arts degree.