Urban and Environmental Studies


Tyler Harlan


  • Professor: Bernadette Musetti
  • Associate Professors: Tyler Harlan, Mona Seymour
  • Assistant Professor: Clare Beer

The Department

Urban and Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary department focused on critically examining two of the most dynamic issues of the 21st Century: the rapid urbanization of the global population and the dramatic increase in the complexity of human interactions with the natural environment. The department’s concentration in urban studies allows students and faculty to engage in the systemic study of cities and work to address the complex economic, political, and social problems of urbanization and urban life. Similarly, the concentration in environmental studies allows students and faculty to study complex environment-society relationships and gain a better understanding of some of the world’s most pressing ecological, political, economic, and social problems.

The department curriculum, including the Urban Studies senior project and the EVST capstone course, allows students to take advantage of one of LMU’s greatest assets: the many linkages that connect LMU to the extraordinary dynamic, multicultural metropolitan area surrounding the University. Los Angeles is both an educational resource and a laboratory for the department’s students.