Health and Human Sciences


  • Chairperson: Todd C. Shoepe
  • Professor: Hawley C. Almstedt, Todd C. Shoepe, Heather P. Tarleton
  • Associate Professor: Jenevieve L. Roper, Sarah L. Strand
  • Assistant Professors: Yong Woo An, Christopher Cappelli, Robert B. Musci, Caio Victor Sousa


The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences.

Mission Statement

Within the context of LMU’s mission, the Department of HHSC strives to cultivate educated students in the subjects of HHSC with quality classroom preparation for graduate schools and professional careers as well as relevant clinical, practical and evidence-based experience in health-related fields. Such fields include, but are not limited to: physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, nursing, public health, exercise science, and in athletic training. The Department prepares students in a positive environment that encourages the development of the whole person.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of HHSC is to develop quality graduates in the area of health science and its related professions. Excellence in the development of the health science student is based on academics, research, service, professional and practical experiences.