Open to all majors. Students who wish to major in English and minor in Journalism may double count one course.

20 semester hours of coursework with a C (2.0) or better in each class. Two courses are required: 1) JOUR 2100 Introduction to Journalism and 2) JOUR 3300 Critical and Ethical Issues in Journalism. In addition, students must take three Journalism electives, equivalent to 12 semester hours, which can include JOUR 2210 Writing for Journalism: Workshop or any other JOUR course. The lower division requirement (JOUR 2100 Introduction to Journalism) will give Journalism minor students the foundation for further study, acquaint them with journalistic formats, and teach them the fundamentals of reportage and news literacy, essential tools for all burgeoning journalists. Students may be exempted from taking JOUR 2100 Introduction to Journalism and enroll in JOUR 2210 Writing for Journalism: Workshop instead, if they can demonstrate (via résumé and portfolio) significant secondary or post-secondary journalism proficiency and experience. A course list follows:

Code Title Semester Hours
Required Courses
JOUR 2100Introduction to Journalism4
JOUR 3300Critical and Ethical Issues in Journalism4
Journalism Electives
Select three Journalism electives12
Total Semester Hours20