Jewish Studies provides an academically rigorous minor to examine Jewish history, culture, faith, and practice in its unity and diversity across geographic, political, historical, religious, and aesthetic boundaries and dimensions.

The Jewish Studies program is unique in that it provides:

  1. A rigorous foundation for the academic minor, including interfaith study abroad courses.
  2. Regular opportunities for engaged learning, such as endowed lectureships, partnerships, and collaborations with museums, local and international colleges and universities, and Jewish organizations in Los Angeles; and special events for the University and the community. The Jewish Studies program sponsors three endowed events each year, which Jewish Studies minors can actively participate in.
  3. Jewish Studies Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards are available for academic excellence, student travel and research, financial need, and other special considerations.
  4. Jewish Studies Addressing Antisemitism Grants for faculty research and teaching create multiple social justice opportunities for LMU students and faculty.

The Jewish Studies program provides students with a diversity of Jewish perspectives and is open to students of all faiths and backgrounds. Through education and community outreach, the Jewish Studies program offers a profound opportunity to engage others directly and constructively in order to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Judaism and its relation to other faith traditions, and to act together upon such respect and understanding.

Faculty from a range of departments, schools, and colleges teach courses in Jewish Studies, many of which are cross-listed with Core and other University requirements. For questions relating to these and other matters in Jewish Studies, students should consult the Director of the Jewish Studies program.

Study Abroad

LMU Jewish Studies offers Study Abroad courses each summer, such as: "Literature and Faith in the Holy Land," in Israel; and "Poland and the Holocaust," in Poland. These courses can be applied toward the Jewish Studies minor. The LMU Semester exchange at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Study Abroad courses offered through other programs or colleges, may also satisfy Jewish Studies' requirements.