Honors in Psychology

Psychology majors who 1) meet a minimum Psychology and University GPA and 2) who have the consent of a Department faculty member who will oversee their Honors project may apply to do Honors in the last two semesters at LMU. Applications are due in the semester before Honors work will begin (generally, the Spring semester of Junior year). To receive Honors, accepted students must, over the course of at least two semesters:

  1. complete a significant research project;
  2. complete an APA-style manuscript detailing the project; and
  3. complete a conference presentation detailing the project prior to graduation (e.g., by participating in LMU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium).

Accepted students should enroll in PSYC 4196 Honors in Psychology for 0 semester hours in the Fall of their Senior year and 4 semester hours in the Spring of their Senior year. The 4 semester hours from PSYC 4196 Honors in Psychology count toward the 24 semester hours of upper division course work required of majors, but do not fulfill the capstone course requirement.