Description and Goal

The B.F.A. in Art and Design is offered to students who will later pursue a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree, be a professional artist or designer, and/or teach studio arts within a selected specialization. The BFA degree program is demanding, requiring high-quality performance to develop professional competencies.

Students enrolled in the BFA program must develop the knowledge, skills, concepts, and sensitivities essential to the professional life of an artist and designer. The professional must exhibit technical competencies, broad knowledge of art/design, the ability to integrate art/design knowledge and skills, and an insight into the role of art/design in intellectual and cultural life.

Using the creative landscape of Los Angeles, the programs in studio arts provide a student-focused art and design education which prepares them for careers and/or graduate studies in the 3D Arts, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Visual Communication Design, Multimedia Arts, and Art Education disciplines.

Students are required to submit their portfolio by the end of the first year to enter the Concentration of their choice. Entering transfer students are required to submit their portfolio before they choose the Concentration.

The goal of all areas is to prepare for careers in many artistic fields and graduate studies upon program completion.


The BFA program is student-driven, with seven Concentrations: 3D studies, Art Education, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Visual Communication Design, and Multimedia Arts. Studio courses are complemented by a series of art/design history surveys, critique studios, workshops, professional praxis, internships, and senior thesis exhibitions.

The curriculum is designed to foster student exploration in various studio arts courses and further develop their creativity. The coursework provides unique academic and professional experiences, including innovative art and design practices, knowledge of new industry expectations, and technological and pedagogical advancement. The pedagogy aligns with the university’s new initiative of DEI and anti-racism, highlights the strengths, and is consistent with LMU’s branding slogan, “Create the World You Want to Live In.”

General Information

Students in Studio Arts (STAR) are expected to engage in studio work in addition to scheduled class time. Most studios are open to enrolled students outside of class time on a 24-hour basis. For studio classes, students should anticipate a minimum of three hours of outside of studio work per unit each week.


  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C) must be obtained in the major requirements.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or the Consent of the Chair is required for changing a major into the department.
  • A portfolio review is required for entering the BFA program.