Electrical and Computer Engineering

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  • Professors: Lei Huang, Nazmul Ula, Jie Xu
  • Associate Professors:  Hossein Asghari, Barbara Marino, Gustavo Vejarano
  • Clinical Professor: Elham Ghashghai
  • Part-Time Faculty: Mohamed Aly, Ph.D.; Ronald Burch; Robert J. Johnson, Ph.D.; Umesh Ketkar; Behrouz Khayatian, Ph.D.; Andrew Kopito; Claire Leon, Ph.D.; Victor Lin, Ph.D.; Matthew Miller, Esq.; Mary Magilligan; Kevin Minds; Shahnam Mirzaei, Ph.D.; Barry Molnaa; Vera Mulyani; Scott Niebuhr; Michael Noltemeyer; John Poladian; Rochelle J. Schneider, P. C.; Nirav Shah, Ph.D.; Charles Tang, Ph.D.; Duc Tran, Ph.D.; Bonnie Triezenberg, Ph.D.


The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to provide high-quality, practice-oriented, design-focused curricula that prepare students for both leadership roles in industry and advanced studies. The Department provides a supportive, inclusive, equitable, student-centered education that balances theory and practice and meets the challenges of an ever-changing complex world through dynamic programs with interdisciplinary opportunities.


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering as well as a graduate program in Systems Engineering. An undergraduate minor in Electrical Engineering is also offered. In addition, students interested in business administration have opportunity to pursue a Dual M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering/Master of Business Administration.