Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • Chairperson: Joseph P. Weber1
  • Professors: Rachel G. Adams, Michael E. Manoogian1, Joseph C. Reichenberger1
  • Associate Professor: Joseph P. Weber1
  • Assistant Professor: Mehrdad Aghagholizadeh1, Jin Y. Choi, John Petrie1
  • Professor Emeriti: John Dorsey, Roger Tim Haug1, Michael E. Mulvihill1
  • Lecturers: Dennis Kasper1, Daniel Samaro1, Stephen Opot1, Donald Kendall1, Jeremy S. Pal, William J. Trott1

Registered Professional Engineer


The civil engineer applies a wide spectrum of engineering, scientific, and economic principles to plan, design, and oversee a wide variety of infrastructure projects which improve the quality of life, protect the environment, and facilitate economic growth. These projects include roads and highways, railroads, mass transit systems, airports, bridges, buildings, structures, harbors, flood control and drainage works, water supply, treatment and distribution systems, wastewater treatment and reuse systems, irrigation systems, pipelines, renewable energy systems, and power plants. Civil Engineers are integral part of these projects from planning, designing, and construction to their health assessment, maintenance, and retrofit.

Program Mission

The mission of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is to provide opportunities for students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become productive professionals through a rigorous, student-centered curriculum that balances theory and practice, serving the needs of society by emphasizing sustainability & resilience and environmental justice to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, complex world through a dynamic engineering program.