Film, Television, and Media Studies, B.A.

Program Goals

  • Students will be able to critically examine the ways in which their own perceptions have been shaped and influenced by media texts such that they may become more thoughtful consumers as well as producers of such texts. Students understand the many ways that media texts reflect, shape and question cultural values, attitudes, and beliefs, including but not limited to representations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, class, and nationality.
  • Students will understand and appreciate the development of cinematic and televisual media within their historical and cultural contexts, including the difference between national and global/transnational approaches to the study of film/media. This includes the different approaches to the study of film and other screen media, particularly, but not limited to, how they are informed by auteur studies, genre studies, or the study of specific cycles and movements.
  • Students will gain the necessary tools to analyze, write and communicate critically about media texts.