Marital and Family Therapy with Specialized Training in Art Therapy, M.A.


The Department of Marital and Family Therapy will educate students to integrate visual arts as a way of knowing with psychotherapeutic skills and prepare students to become practicing licensed Marital and Family Therapists in the State of California1 and registered Art Therapists. This mission, in reflection of the University’s mission, fosters learning as a lifelong process in which students are educated as whole persons who would provide service and creating scholarship with a similar holistic frame, with commitment to social justice and cultural humility.


The program has not made a determination as to whether it meets other states’ requirements for licensure; interested applicants/students are encouraged to research the identified path for transferring the license outside of CA based on their specific interests and needs.


  1. To train students to become licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the State of California, to be nationally registered with the ATCB as Art Therapists, and to be prepared to work as entry level mental health clinicians.
  2. To educate students to competently demonstrate an understanding of comprehensive marital and family and art therapy theories and techniques with a wide range of treatment populations, while understanding systems theory and the interactional dynamics of the therapeutic relationship.
  3. To foster culturally humble students who can work with a wide range of diverse populations, who serve as advocates of equity and social justice, and who value self-reflection as a lifelong means of understanding self and others.