Modern Languages (MDLG)

MDLG 3400  Linguistics  (4 semester hours)  
Students examine major linguistic disciplines, such as phonology, phonetics, morphology, syntax, and language acquisition and variation. Languages from different linguistic families will be analyzed and compared. This class presents activities for raising linguistic awareness. Prerequisite: At least 2102-level in two languages or consent of instructor. University Core fulfilled: Explorations: Understanding Human Behavior.
MDLG 3998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
MDLG 3999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
MDLG 4400  Applied Linguistics  (4 semester hours)  
Topics include language acquisition, language socialization, language policy and planning, bilingualism and multilingualism, translation and intercultural communication. Students will design a research project on child/adult second language acquisition in a psycholinguistic or a socio-cultural framework. Prerequisite: MDLL 3400 or consent of instructor.
MDLG 4990  Senior Capstone Project  (1 semester hour)  
Exit research project (for majors only). Consent of instructor required. Credit/No Credit grading.
MDLG 4998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
MDLG 4999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)