Transformative Education, M.A.

Contact Information

  • Academic Program Director: Maryann Krikorian
  • Assistant Director & Advisor (Northern California Partnerships, CAST Northern California, & Non-Cohort): Stephanie Serventi
  • Academic Advisor (Los Angeles Non-Cohort, CAST LA, Los Angeles Residency, and Graduate Student Teachers): Terri Taylor
  • Academic Advisor (TFA & Los Angeles Intern Partnerships): TBD


The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Transformative Education (TRED) program is a fully online program available to candidates who have been admitted to, and are on track for, completion of the Preliminary Credential coursework in Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, or Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Support Needs in any pathway: Intern, Practitioner, Residency, or Graduate Traditional (Student Teachers).  Please note, the online modality includes both synchronous and asynchronous course sessions. Currently, the program is offered to candidates in the Intern, Practitioner, and Residency pathway as a 1+1  Preliminary Credential and Master of Arts degree, whereby candidates are required to complete credential coursework, concentration coursework, and the research capstone sequence. The program is also offered to candidates in the Graduate Traditional pathway as a combined 1+1 Preliminary Credential and M.A. degree, whereby candidates are complete the credential and M.A. in two years. Graduate Traditional candidates are required to complete credential coursework, concentration coursework, and the research capstone sequence. Finally, the program is offered to candidates who may either hold a credential or are not eligible for a credential due to their teaching placement, whereby they take the same coursework as the other pathways to meet the M.A. degree requirements.

The TRED program consists of candidates who are student teachers or who are from existing  cohorts, including but are not limited to: Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers (CAST), Green Dot, Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education Corps (PLACE), Seneca, Teach For America (TFA), and Wonderful, as well as, non-cohort candidates. Some candidates in their Preliminary Credential program may require additional pre-service coursework, required coursework, and requirements in order to be eligible for credential recommendation and progression into the TRED program. For specific requirements, please see the Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, or Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Support Needs Preliminary Credential sections of the Bulletin.

The  TRED program develops critical educators with the knowledge and dispositions to advocate for educational equity; fosters skillful and ethical researchers who positively impact their respective context; encourages mutuality and collaboration with communities towards transformative relationships; and nurtures an ethic of care, solidarity, and professional responsibility with a particular concentration in one of the following areas (offerings based on enrollment and other availability factors):

  • Digital Learning
  • Disability Studies and Inclusive Education
  • Educational Policy and Administration
  • Language and Culture
  • Literacy (On Hiatus)
  • Social, Emotional, and Cultural Learning & Wellness
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The program also enables candidates to develop a deeper understanding of theory, research, and practice in education via the Research Capstone Sequence. Upon completion of the program, candidates should be prepared for a doctoral program and to make a significant contribution to the field of education.