Yoga Studies (YGST)

YGST 6005  Sanskrit I  (3 semester hours)  
An introduction to the Devanagari script and basic vocabulary and grammar of Sanskrit, the classical language of Yoga thought and practice.
YGST 6010  Health Science and Yoga I  (3 semester hours)  
An overview of anatomy and physiology from the Western perspective and Ayurvedic theories of the subtle body, health, and wholeness.
YGST 6015  Foundations of Yoga Studies  (3 semester hours)  
This course will investigate basic methodological approaches to the academic study of Yoga, with an emphasis on the place of Yoga within theological discourse. It will include a bibliographic survey of primary and secondary sources and engagement with key select resources. Sikh and Christian approaches to Yoga will be included.
YGST 6020  Yoga Philosophy: Text and Practice  (3 semester hours)  
A close study and discussion of the Yoga Sūtras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gītā, select Upanishads, the Sāmkhya Kārikā, the Yogavāsistha, and other classical literature.
YGST 6027  Sanskrit II  (3 semester hours)  
A continuation of Sanskrit grammar, with special attention given to verses from the Bhagavad Gītā which set forth the primary practices of philosophical and meditational Yoga, including the ways of Knowledge, Action, and Devotion.
YGST 6028  Sanskrit III  (3 semester hours)  
In this course students will complete their study of Sanskrit grammar with special attention given to Patanjali's Yoga Sūtra.
YGST 6030  Hatha Yoga Texts  (3 semester hours)  
This course in movement and breathing (Āsana and Prānāyāma) will draw from classical texts such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipikā, the Gherhanda Samhitā, and the Yoga Sāstra, with particular attention to practice applications. Requires demonstration of student teaching skills.
YGST 6040  Buddhism and Yoga  (3 semester hours)  
Yoga's relationship with Buddhism will be explored with an emphasis on Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism, and Zen. *Offered odd summers.
YGST 6041  Jain Yoga  (3 semester hours)  
This course will immerse students in the study of Jainism, known for its emphasis on nonviolence, through philosophy, ethics, cosmology, and art. The course will include Jain traditions of Yoga including Preksha Meditation. *Offered even summers.
YGST 6055  Modern Yoga, Mindfulness, Social Change  (3 semester hours)  
Yoga entered European and North American consciousness following Swami Vivekananda ' s lecture at the Parliament of the World's Religions in 1893. In the 20th century, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Sivananda, Swami Krishnamacharya and many others introduced large groups of people to the principles and practices of Yoga. Buddhist meditation became popular in the mid-20th century through the work of Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzburg, and others. The course will explore this legacy and the effectiveness of these techniques in effecting Gandhian-inspired social change. *Offered even falls.
YGST 6060  Health Science and Yoga II  (3 semester hours)  
This course will expand upon YGST 6010 Health Science and Yoga I including integration of concepts of both western and Yoga anatomy as they pertain to illness. The potential therapeutic benefits of yoga practices including asana, pranayama, meditation, Bhavana, mantra, Mudra, nyasa as well as vihara (lifestyle modification) and application of yamas and niyamas will be discussed. Students will obtain skills in critically evaluating scientific Yoga research.
YGST 6070  Yoga Therapy Applications  (3 semester hours)  
Through both western and Yoga/Ayurveda lenses this course will cover Yoga therapy application for specific common diseases both western and Yoga/Ayurveda. Yoga as a lifestyle management tool will be addressed through the pancamaya model. Students will learn how to categorize illness through the lens of Yoga and recommend appropriate and safe practices for healing and well-being. Students will explore the indications contraindications of various Yoga practices as they apply to specific conditions and circumstances as well as ethics and scope of practice for a Yoga Therapist. Basic principles of the therapeutic relationship will be covered including communication skills and personal well-being. Client intake, evaluation, and assessment will be covered, and students will obtain supervised practice in these skills.
YGST 6080  Yoga Therapy Practicum  (3 semester hours)  
In addition to classroom education, students will participate in mentored Yoga therapy practicum. Through internships students will obtain experience and skills in working both one on one with clients and in small therapeutic groups. Students will meet regularly with the instructor to discuss client assessment, therapy plans, and personal and professional development as a Yoga therapist. Offering Yoga Therapy training to work with specific populations, including but not limited to persons with the following conditions: cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, athletic injury, pregnancy, chronic pain, etc.
YGST 6082  Comparative Mysticism  (3 semester hours)  
This course will explore the inner or mystical life as articulated in the life and practice of various religious traditions. It will begin with a study of a modern classic: The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James, the pre-eminent American philosopher and psychologist as well as the key ideas of Carl Jung. The course will include the study of Jewish and Islamic mystical traditions, as well as key writers in the emerging field of contemplative Christian ecology. Yoga and mysticism will be examined through the writings of 20th century philosopher Sri Aurobindo. *Offered odd falls.
YGST 6096  Writing and Research Seminar  (3 semester hours)  
This course will guide the students as they write their final thesis. The course will aid them through the process by introducing research methods and writing techniques in order to complete a clear final thesis or research project. Students will be able to help one another as different phases of their given projects will be shared in class.
YGST 6998  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
YGST 6999  Independent Studies  (0-3 semester hours)