Financial Decision Systems (MBAF)

MBAF 610  Financial Statements Analysis and Valuations  (3 semester hours)  
This course will cover the theory and practice of financial statements analysis and valuation. Students will learn how to use theory and data to solve challenging business problems with incomplete information. Students will become comfortable with using financial modeling as a tool to help them perform financial analysis and make decisions. Note: This course is required for the Finance concentration. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 611  Financial Markets  (3 semester hours)  
This course introduces students to the various financial markets. Emphasis is on the history and development of each market as well as changes in the markets over recent years. The impact of factors such as technology, regulation, political and global environments on the operations of these markets will be discussed. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 614  Accounting and Finance Concepts for Strategic Planning  (3 semester hours)  
Through the lens of a Chief Financial Officer, this course aims to highlight common mistakes in strategic planning and prepare students to convincingly document critical financial assumptions, incorporating global trends, ethics, and real-world risk management. Key concepts that help to evaluate initial funding, cash flows, and return on investment in formats used in banks and boardrooms are examined. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 619  Risk Analysis and Financial Modeling  (3 semester hours)  
This course introduces advanced quantitative model building skills for financial risk analysis. Provides hands-on experience in the development of spreadsheet simulation and forecasting models for applications in valuation, capital budgeting, option pricing, and portfolio management. Also listed as MBAD 619. Prerequisites: MBAA 6070 and MBAA 6080.
MBAF 620  Entrepreneurial Finance  (3 semester hours)  
The course equips students the key relevant skills necessary for financial planning and projection for a startup or a new project. Students are introduced to the various concepts, resources, and strategies for financing a new and growing venture as well as the different exit alternatives that it may be eventually exploring. The course also covers the key tactics and approaches to negotiating a financial deal from the vantage points for both the entrepreneur and the investor. The class is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in pursuing a career in investment banking, venture capital, or private equity. Also listed as MBAH 620. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 623  Investments  (3 semester hours)  
Presents portfolio theory and security analysis. Describes the market for each security and available investment strategies. Presented from a personal investor perspective. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 624  Mergers and Acquisitions  (3 semester hours)  
A capstone MBA entrepreneurial experience that looks at mergers, acquisitions, long-term capital investments, levered buyouts, and divestitures. Major management decisions attempting to exploit economic and market opportunities are investigated in regard to their impact upon shareholder wealth. Also listed as MBAH 624. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 625  Real Estate Investments and Entrepreneurship  (3 semester hours)  
An entrepreneurial approach to real estate investment built around financial modeling, market area supply and demand analysis, risk analysis, mortgage alternatives, and taxation impacts. Merits of real property investment options and strategies are presented in a "real world" context. Also listed as MBAH 625. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 628  The CFO Perspective  (3 semester hours)  
The roles and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in multiples industries and contexts are examined in depth to understand the relationships among the financial, operational, and strategic issues of the firm. Multiple perspectives on the role of the CFO are explored. Prerequisites: MBAA 6020 and MBAA 6070.
MBAF 648  International Finance  (3 semester hours)  
This course introduces students to international business finance and the workings of international financial markets. The principal objective of the course is for students to develop an understanding of the basic tools of financial decision-making in an international environment. Key topics of study include exchange rate determination; relationships between inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates; risk management; multinational capital budgeting; and international portfolio theory. Also listed as MBAG 648. Prerequisite: MBAA 6070.
MBAF 698  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
Prerequisite: As designated by the MBA and MS Programs Office.
MBAF 699  Independent Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
Prerequisites: MBAA 601 and MBAA 603; or MBAA 6010MBAA 6020MBAA 6030MBAA 6040MBAA 6050MBAA 6060MBAA 6070MBAA 6080, and MBAA 6090.