The Italian minor introduces students to the rich, complex culture of Italy, first by providing them with basic linguistic skills in the Italian language, and subsequently by familiarizing them with important literary works produced in Italy over the centuries as well as with historically significant films.

Italian Placement Exam

Any student who has knowledge of or has had prior instruction in Italian in high school, community heritage language school, or at a college or university other than LMU must take the Italian Placement Exam.

This requirement includes students who have taken the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam in high school. Generally, a student who receives a score of 5 or 4 on the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam might place in ITAL 2103 Italian 3 or higher. Course credit will be given for ITAL 2101 Italian 1 and ITAL 2102 Italian 2 once a student’s official scores have been received from the College Board. Final Placement is conditional upon the instructor’s consent in consultation with the Italian coordinator. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the official AP scores have been sent to Loyola Marymount University.

To know when and how a student should take a language placement exam in Italian, please refer to the guidelines provided under Modern Languages and Literatures.

Students who need more semester hours to complete the Italian minor because of their language placement must take additional courses in the language. In the event that there are no courses in the language, students may take MDLG 3400 Linguistics, MDLG 4400 Applied Linguistics, or FNLT 4200 Comparative Cultures (provided it is related to language concentration). If additional classes are not available in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department, students may fulfill those credits with courses in the appropriate cultural studies areas, with pre-approval from the Italian Program Coordinator and the Department Chair.