Minor Requirements

(28 semester hours)

Code Title Semester Hours
BIOL 101General Biology I3
BIOL 102General Biology II3
BIOL 111General Biology I Lab2
BIOL 112General Biology II Lab2
CHEM 110General Chemistry I3
CHEM 111General Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 112General Chemistry II3
CHEM 113General Chemistry II Lab1
ENVS 101Introduction to Environmental Science3
or ENVS 102 Environmental Science and Sustainability
ENVS 357Environmental Chemistry: Atmosphere and Climate3
or ENVS 358 Environmental Chemistry: Water, Soil, and Sediment
Select one of the following:3
Applied Plant Ecology
Field Botany
World Vegetation Ecology
Coastal Ecology
Urban Ecology
Marine Biology
Principles of Ecology
Select one of the following: 11
Urban Ecology Lab
Avian Biology Lab
Quantifying Biodiversity Field Laboratory
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
May be selected by lab component within
Field Botany
Marine Biology
Principles of Ecology
Or by consent of Director
Total Semester Hours28

May be selected by lab component within BIOL 312 Field Botany, BIOL 314 Tropical Ecology, BIOL 318 Principles of Ecology or BIOL 422 Marine Biology or by consent of director

Any substitution must be made with the consent of the Director of the Environmental Science program.

A student must have a C (2.0) average for all courses included in the minor.