Catholic School Administration Certificate

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The Certificate in Catholic School Administration (CCSA) is a 10-semester-hour graduate program designed to provide a full year of content in mission-focused, organizational, and instructional leadership. The CCSA supports those educators interested in Catholic school administration and need a concentrated education in the distinctive mission and operations of Catholic schools. The overall objective of this certificate program is to educate, prepare, and form prospective and novice Catholic school leaders in effective Catholic school administration and leadership. Candidates receive a rigorous curriculum that includes Catholic school history, mission, law, ethics, budget, finance, operations, marketing, fundraising, admissions, personnel management, curriculum, and instruction. The four pillars of adult Catholic spirituality, technology, inclusion, and the development of a professional learning community give the foundation for each of the four courses of the program. The CCSA Program is offered in two modalities: a hybrid model and fully online.