Catholic Studies (CATH)

CATH 1010  New Testament Contexts  (4 semester hours)  
This course introduces students to the New Testament writings in their historical, literary, social/ political, and religious contexts. Students will learn various methodological approaches to the study of the NT, as well as consider the history of interpretation and the role of modern social-location in the interpretive process. University Core fulfilled: Foundations: Theological Inquiry
CATH 1020  American Catholicism  (4 semester hours)  
This course is an examination of Catholics' search for transcendent meaning throughout the history of the United States. It examines the way Catholicism has formed in a historically Protestant land from its diverse colonial origins (Spanish, French, and English) through successive waves of immigration to today's multicultural context. University Core fulfilled: Foundations: Theological Inquiry
CATH 1030  Exploring the Catholic Theological Tradition  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 1030).
CATH 1050  In Search of a Way: Spirituality, Faith, Culture  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 1050).
CATH 1060  God and the Good: An Introduction to Christian Ethics  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 1060).
CATH 1080  Comparative Theology  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 1080).
CATH 1500  World Religions in Los Angeles  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 1500).
CATH 1998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
CATH 1999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
CATH 3020  Late Antique and Medieval Western Christianity  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3020.)
CATH 3021  The History of Christianity from the Middle Ages to the Present  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3021.)
CATH 3022  Women in Christian History  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3022.)
CATH 3023  Medieval Religious Thought and Practice  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3023.)
CATH 3100  Ethics  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3100.)
CATH 3105  Ethics of Love and Marriage  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3105.)
CATH 3110  Environmental Ethics  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3110.)
CATH 3115  Ethics for Engineering and Science  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3115.)
CATH 3120  Business Ethics  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3120.)
CATH 3125  The Two Thousand Years of Christianity in Asia  (4 semester hours)  
This course traces the two significant developments of Christianity in Mesopotamia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia: during the eastwards spread in the first millennium and then its second movement since the Age of Discovery. Fulfills Interdisciplinary Connections
CATH 3200  Medieval Art  (4 semester hours)  
(See ARHS 3200.)
CATH 3211  Jesus in Gospel and Film  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3211.)
CATH 3220  Eastern Christian Traditions  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3220.)
CATH 3221  Greek Orthodox Tradition  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3221.)
CATH 3222  European Christianity: Schism, Reform, and Ecumenical Dialogue  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3222.)
CATH 3223  Mystics and Heretics  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3223.)
CATH 3226  Migration and the Border  (4 semester hours)  
In this course, students study migration and the border, coming to terms with the empirical reality of contemporary immigration while constructing their own theological response. The course begins with an examination of the social science of migration, with special emphasis on sociological study of migration and immigrant adaptation. Students then critically examine biblical and other historical texts that treat migration and movement, followed by a deep engagement with Christian theologies of migration, with a comparison to Jewish and Muslim approaches to migration. The course includes a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, observing and discussing the institutions of border control and the stories of immigrants and deportees on both sides of the border. For those unable to go, equivalent engaged learning experiences will be available.  University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Faith and Reason
CATH 3230  Jesus, Kingdom, Church  (4 semester hours)  
CATH 3231  Catholicism after Vatican II  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3231.)
CATH 3232  U.S. Latinx Theology  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3232.)
CATH 3236  God and the Human Experience  (4 semester hours)  
This course examines the modes of discourse, levels of reflection, and diverse experiences of individuals and communities in the search for God. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Faith and Reason.
CATH 3237  Sex and the City of God  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3237.)
CATH 3240  Water, Word, and Wine  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3240.)
CATH 3241  Meeting Christ in Faith and Art  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3241.)
CATH 3242  Faith and the Management Profession  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3242.)
CATH 3244  The Cross and the Lynching Tree  (4 semester hours)  
Historically and contemporaneously, the cross, a foundational image of Christian faith, has also been associated with political terror. In this course, beginning with the landmark theological work of Black liberation theologian Dr. James Cone, we will explore the meaning of the cross during the Roman Empire and in the post Reconstruction American South. We will ask who are crucified, and the effect of Black and Brown people being framed as crucifiable. We will reflect on what the cross and the lynching tree mean to Christians and to followers of other traditions and examine what role we play as the narrative of crucifixion and empire is played and replayed. This course examines questions of faith, God, religious practice, humanity, spirituality, and liberation in light of diverse African American experiences, ideas, and practices. By an analysis of diverse sources in both Black and Womanist theology, the class explores the complex dynamics between race and religion and highlights how Black voices contribute to the human search for God. Fulfills: INT: Faith and Reason
CATH 3250  Psychology, Spirituality, Transformation  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3250.)
CATH 3251  Practice of Everyday Life  (4 semester hours)  
A critical examination of ordinary practices of everyday life as a source for spiritual knowledge and social-political transformation. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Faith and Reason; Flag: Engaged Learning.
CATH 3252  Orthodox Christian Spirituality  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3252.)
CATH 3260  Ignatian Values, Leadership & Praxis  (4 semester hours)  
Guided by LMU’s mission to “educate the whole person,” this particular Ignatian-themed theological course aims to form Ignatian leaders by providing a unique curricular experience that highlights the University’s tripartite mission to encourage learning, foster holistic education, and serve faith while promoting justice in an intentional way. Highlighting the Ignatian roots of the Mission statement as sponsored by the Jesuits, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, and the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange, this course seeks to help students understand and intentionally live out this Mission that grounds their education at LMU in creative, practical ways by providing activities that balance body, mind, heart and spirit, as well as fostering action and reflection grounded in Ignatian principles and praxis for leadership. IFTR: INT: Faith and Reason; FQTR: FND: Quantitative Reasoning Pre-requisites: Lower division CATH or THST course.
CATH 3281  Islam in America  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3281.)
CATH 3285  Women and Religion  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3285.)
CATH 3286  Religion & (Non) Violence  (4 semester hours)  
This course draws on theology and peace and conflict studies in order to understand the relationship between religion and violence. Students examine theories of religious violence, analyze how religions have understood and enacted either violence or nonviolence, and assess the role of religion in peacebuilding. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Faith and Reason.
CATH 3310  Guadalupe: Queen of the Americas  (4 semester hours)  
(See CHST 3310).
CATH 3339  Rhetoric, Literature, and Religion  (4 semester hours)  
(See ENGL 3339).
CATH 3400  Philosophy of Religion  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3400.)
CATH 3440  The God of Faith and Reason  (4 semester hours)  
A philosophical exploration of the relationship between faith and reason, especially with regard to their common object, carried on in the light of the Catholic intellectual tradition. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Faith and Reason.
CATH 3561  Christian Marriage and Sexuality  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3561.)
CATH 3563  Love and Justice  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3563.)
CATH 3712  Augustine  (4 semester hours)  
(See PHIL 3712.)
CATH 3741  Religion and Film  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3741.)
CATH 3750  Into the Desert  (4 semester hours)  
An exploration of the desert as a root metaphor for deep spiritual experience and place of social, political struggle. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Interdisciplinary Connections; Flag: Engaged Learning.
CATH 3752  Contemplatives in Action: Psychology, Spirituality, Liberation  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3752.)
CATH 3780  World Religions and Ecology  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 3780.)
CATH 3998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
CATH 3999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
CATH 4023  Medieval Theology  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 4023.)
CATH 4031  Christology  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 4031.)
CATH 4040  Eucharistic Theology  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 4040.)
CATH 4051  Ignatian Spirituality  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 4051.)
CATH 4090  Major Theological and Religious Thinker  (4 semester hours)  
(See THST 4090.)
CATH 4142  Transformation of Medieval Europe  (4 semester hours)  
(See HIST 4142.)
CATH 4210  Science & Religion  (4 semester hours)  
A philosophical examination of the relationship(s) between science and religion, with special attention to historical and contemporary developments. Satisfies the Contemporary Philosophy requirement for Philosophy majors.
CATH 4240  Italian Renaissance Art  (4 semester hours)  
(See ARHS 4240.)
CATH 4250  Northern Italian Renaissance Art  (4 semester hours)  
(See ARHS 4250.)
CATH 4260  Baroque Art  (4 semester hours)  
(See ARHS 4260.)
CATH 4350  Archaeology and the Bible  (4 semester hours)  
Study of selections of the Bible, combining historical criticism and exegesis with the relevant archaeology. University Core fulfilled: Integrations: Faith and Reason
CATH 4400  Interreligious Experience and Engagement  (4 semester hours)  
This seminar focuses on interreligious engagement and experience, exploring the diversity of faith traditions at LMU, in Los Angeles, and throughout the nation and world, by deliberate encounters with the Other. It will challenge students to reflect on fundamental questions of faith and identify within communities. It will examine the theory and practice of interreligious engagement, including: Bilateral (e.g., Catholic-Jewish) and trilateral (e.g., Christian-Jewish-Muslim) seminars and conferences of scholars and clergy; Multi-faith religious celebrations and worship services; Joint social action and social justice programs; Conflict resolution projects; Coalitions based on shared values. The readings, discussions, and site visits will provide theoretical and theological foundations for consideration of pluralism and other inclusive approaches to our interreligious context. Readings and class discussions will educate students about the beliefs, practices, and communities of diverse religious groups. Students will develop leadership strategies to establish, sustain, and advance interreligious engagements. University Core fulfilled: Flags: Faith and Reason, Engaged Learning.
CATH 4900  Seminar in Catholic Studies  (4 semester hours)  
The capstone seminar in Catholic Studies explores the relationship between Catholicism and culture organized around a central theme. This interdisciplinary course provides an opportunity for students to synthesize their Catholic Studies courses.
CATH 4998  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
CATH 4999  Independent Studies  (1-4 semester hours)