Minor Requirements

Dance minor (DANC)–20 semester hours:

Code Title Semester Hours
DANC 163Introduction to Choreography3
Select one of the following:3
Multiples Ways of Knowing and Showing: Music and Dance
Dance Tour Group: Teaching and Performance in the Field
Movement Arts for Children
Select six semester hours of the following:6
Stagecraft for Dancers
Laban Movement Analysis: Applications for Dance Making
History of Dance Theatre
I Am, Therefore I Dance: Dance, Culture, and Society
Introduction to Music
Djembe Drumming
Dance as Social Action
Kinesiology for Dancers I
Rehearsal and Performance (sections .01 or .02)
Dance Production
Special Studies (section .01)
Select at least 6 semester hours of dance technique: ballet, and/or modern/contemporary, and/or jazz dance, and/or hip hop and/or tap6
Modern/Contemporary Dance I
Tap Dance I
Special Studies (section .03)
Modern/Contemporary Dance II
Jazz Dance II
Tap Dance II
Musical Theatre Dance I
Modern/Contemporary Dance III
Ballet III
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
Jazz Dance III
Tap Dance III
Jazz Dance IV
Hip Hop: Collective Rhythms
Special Studies (section .02)
Modern/Contemporary Dance IV
Friday Dance Workshop
Modern/Contemporary Dance V
Ballet V
Jazz Dance V
Special Studies (section .01)
Select at least two semester hours of the following:2
Dance in Its Cultural Context
Yoga I
Yoga II
Yoga for Dancers
Total Semester Hours20