• Chairperson: Adam W. Fingerhut
  • Associate Chair: Kayoko Okada
  • Professors: Jennifer S. Abe, Adam W. Fingerhut, Máire B. Ford, Michael R. Foy, Cheryl N. Grills, David J. Hardy, Joseph W. LaBrie,  Nora A. Murphy, Vandana Thadani
  • Associate Professors: Negin Ghavami, Michael E. Mills, Kayoko Okada
  • Assistant Professors: Assistant Professors: Alberto Luis Fernández, Kenneth Jackson, Diana E. Santacrose, Alexandra N. Sturm, Timothy J. Williamson, Chéla Willey
  • Clinical Associate Professors: Deanna Cooke
  • Clinical Assistant Professors: Josette V. Banks, Mary Katherine Seabrook-Derrington
  • Professors Emeritus: Larry Bernard, Judith G. Foy, , Richard L. Gilbert, Renée L. Harrangue, Joseph Hellige, Sara Lieberman, Michael O’Sullivan, Leland Swenson


The Psychology program shares the University’s commitment to develop ethical leaders for a culturally diverse world and contributes to the liberal education of students. Through a comprehensive education in the science of psychology, the Department of Psychological Science seeks to educate the whole person, pursue academic excellence, advance scholarship, promote service and justice, and encourage lifelong learning.


The Department of Psychological Science offers a high quality curriculum where students examine the science of human and animal behavior, including biological, psychological, and sociocultural perspectives. Students are provided the opportunity to apply these perspectives to a variety of individual, family, and community contexts. As students progress through the curriculum, they have opportunities to assist faculty with research and engage in their own research with faculty supervision. The program prepares students for graduate study in psychology and related fields or careers in other professions.