Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology


  • Interim Chairperson: Mary K. McCullough
  • Professors: Terese C. Aceves, Sheri A. Atwater, Emily S. Fisher, William D. Parham
  • Associate Professor: Fernando Estrada
  • Assistant Professor: Maia N. Hoskin, Barbara Katic
  • Clinical Associate Professor:  Karen Komosa-Hawkins
  • Clinical Assistant Professor: Lana Le, Dawn Richards
  • Visiting Assistant Professor: Kathleen Blanco
  • Affiliate Faculty: Esther Gobrial

Contact Information

Location: University Hall, Suite 1500
Telephone: 310.568.6854
Fax: 310.568.6640

Program Coordinator/Assistants: Hannah Catron

Email: Hannah.Catron@lmu.edu


The programs in the Department of Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology (EDSP) are designed intentionally to prepare graduates to assume professional roles as counselors, school psychologists, certified behavior analysts, and community mental health practitioners, in a variety of settings including K-12 public, private and charter schools, colleges and universities and private non-profit organizations. Each program offers a rigorous academic curriculum and experiential learning components the combination of which makes for a well-trained professional able to work with students, colleagues, administrators, community populations, and civic leaders. The faculty in the Department of Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology is known for their excellent teaching, respected scholarship, and dedication to serving others. The learning community co-created by the department faculty and students is one from which everyone benefits. In short, graduates of each program within the Department of Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology come to understand and appreciate the complex 21st century issues and challenges that frame the local, regional and national landscape of education.