Educational Leadership for Social Justice, Ed.D.

Contact Information

  • Interim Co-Academic Program Directors: Cynthia Alcantar and Dolores Delgado Bernal
  • Assistant Director/Advisor: Michaela Cooper
  • Doctoral Program Faculty: Cynthia Alcantar, Dolores Delgado Bernal, Lauren Casella, Ernesto Colin, Joy Ee, Fernando Estrada, Karen Huchting, Linda Kaminski, Yvette Lapayese, Magaly Lavadenz, Mary McCullough, Joaquin Noguera, William Perez, Manuel Ponce, Rebecca Stephenson, Kenzo Sung, Kyo Yamashiro 


The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice is an innovative three-year cohort program whose vision is an anti-racist socially just future for schools and other educational and community settings. The Ed.D. program provides experienced educators and community leaders with the tools, theories, and experiences needed to succeed in transforming educational settings into inclusive, equitable, and just learning environments. Combining theory with practice, the curriculum provides candidates with a deeper understanding of the complex inequities impacting education and student achievement, while preparing graduates to be change agents. The program is offered in an online format in a combination of evening synchronous and asynchronous class sessions to meet the needs of working professionals.