Political Science and International Relations


  • Chairperson: Gabriele Magni
  • Professors: Jodi Finkel, Richard Fox, Michael A. Genovese, Evan Gerstmann, Fernando J. Guerra, Gene Park, John M. Parrish, Jennifer Ramos
  • Associate Professors: Feryal Cherif, Andrew Dilts, Kerstin Fisk, Gabriele Magni, Janie S. Steckenrider
  • Assistant Professors: Nathan Kar Ming Chan, Chaya Crowder, Claudia Sandoval, Adam Thal
  • Instructors: Alex Diones, Chris Jackson


The Department challenges and encourages students to:

  • Be perceptive observers of political life in all its variety and richness;
  • Seek a systematic understanding of the causes and consequences of political institutions, policies, and behavior;
  • Develop a moral and ethical perspective that allows them to critically evaluate actions, institutions, and policies; and
  • Prepare themselves for a life of active citizenship and involvement in creating a more just and humane world.

The Department challenges and encourages its faculty to:

  • Master the art of teaching;
  • Contribute to their profession as active scholars and researchers; and
  • Promote an atmosphere of care and concern for each student inside and outside the classroom.

Both faculty and students share a responsibility for creating a lively and diverse community of scholars marked by civility, mutual respect, and support.

The Department offers degree programs in two fields of study: International Relations and Political Science.