Learning Preparation

Undergraduate Courses for Student Development

Formerly offered as Liberal Arts courses, through Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts these courses are designed to enrich the academic, career-related, and life skills of our students.

Code Title Semester Hours
EDLP 1001Strategies for Graduate/Professional School Admission I1
EDLP 1002Strategies for Graduate/Professional School Admission II1
EDLP 1003Strategies for Graduate/Professional School Admission III1
EDLP 1004Strategies for Graduate/Professional School Admission IV1
EDLP 1044Academic Skills for Student Athletes1
EDLP 1070Orientation to Learning I1
EDLP 1071Orientation to Learning II1
EDLP 1081Exploring Wellness I1
EDLP 1998Special Studies1-4
EDLP 1999Independent Studies1-4
EDLP 2050Strategy of Career Development1
EDLP 2051Career Development Internship1
EDLP 2998Special Studies1-4
EDLP 2999Independent Studies1-4
EDLP 3000Internship0
EDLP 3001SURP Seminar3
EDLP 3051Career Development Internship1
EDLP 3998Special Studies1-4
EDLP 3999Independent Studies1-4
EDLP 4998Special Studies1-4
EDLP 4999Independent Studies1-4