During the phase of early language acquisition, German courses build students’ language skills and intercultural awareness, while they consolidate language and cultural competence on the intermediate level. The upper-division Mastery of German course is geared toward perfecting the students’ German in preparation for the internationally recognized proficiency tests that are offered at LMU each Spring semester. Literature courses range from a general survey of German literature over the centuries to the study of specific genres, such as drama, the novella, and the German fairy tale. In addition to literary studies, the German section also offers a course on German film and two courses on German culture and civilization that provide an overview of German history, society, politics, arts, and sciences. For students interested in the language of business, the German section offers one business-related course.

German Placement and Proficiency Testing

Any student who has knowledge of or has had prior instruction in German in high school, community heritage language school, or at a college or university other than LMU must take the German Placement Exam.

This requirement includes students who have taken the AP German Language and Culture Exam in high school. Generally, a student who receives a score of 5 or 4 on the AP German Language and Culture Exam places in GRMN 2103 German 3 or higher. Course credit will be given for GRMN 2101 German 1 and GRMN 2102 German 2 once a student’s official scores have been received from the College Board. Final placement is conditional upon the instructor’s consent in consultation with the German coordinator. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the official AP scores have been sent to Loyola Marymount University.

To know when and how a student should take a language placement exam in German, please refer to the guidelines provided under Modern Languages and Literatures.

Once per year, in the spring, the German section offers general proficiency tests in German (B1, B2, and C1) for its graduating minors. The tests are internationally recognized and certify the language skills of the student to prospective employers in the public and private sector.