Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) Program

Senior Director, Graduate Business Programs
Dustin Cornwell

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Program Overview

The Joint Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM), a partnership between three universities, immerses students in cross-cultural aspects of decision making within entrepreneurial firms. This full-time program takes students to Barcelona at IQS School of Management, New Taipei City at Fu Jen Catholic University, and Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University for a semester each, ensuring a deep understanding of business on a global scale. The MGEM program gives students the skills and tools to expand their view and lead with an entrepreneurial mindset. The program serves students from any major interested in learning more about business and entrepreneurship in cross-cultural, global context. Hence, this is an attractive program for students who want to study business and have a global experience.

The MGEM program offers courses that are practitioner-oriented and delivered in a sequence that maximizes the unique locations of the three partner schools in Barcelona, Taipei, and Los Angeles. Unlike other study-abroad programs that offer students the option to travel to another continent for one semester, the MGEM cohort travels to a new continent in each of the three semesters; thus, ensuring a deep understanding of how one conducts business on a global scale.

The three partner universities that jointly offer this graduate degree are: IQS (Instituto Químico de Sarrià) School of Management located in Barcelona, Spain; FuJen University, located in New Taipei City, Taiwan; and the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University. The program begins with a fall semester at IQS, followed by a winter/spring semester at FuJen, and ends with a summer semester at the LMU campus, located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Silicon Beach.

In addition to classroom instruction, students engage with entrepreneurial firms through consulting opportunities in both Europe and the United States. In the classroom, cases and business problems are employed to simulate the tools and skills required to solve real-life problems. In each region, students will visit various entrepreneurial companies.

A unique feature of the MGEM program is the cohort’s structure. Our diverse student body comes from countries located in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. As a result, most MGEM students develop life-long friendships and build a global network composed of their peers, professors, and successful entrepreneurs.

English is the language of instruction for the entire program; therefore, students’ TOEFL or other IELTS test scores must meet the required standards. Courses are taught by leading scholars as well as accomplished practitioners.

Graduate Program Policies

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