Minor Requirements

A minimum of 18 semester hours, including at least 3 upper-division courses: HIST 3xxx courses, HIST 4xxx courses, and HIST 5xxx courses. History minors have a choice of two tracks: the Generalist Track or the Specialist Track:

  • Generalist Track: At least one course per geographical region:
    • Europe: HIST 1000-1299, 2001-2299, 3100-3299, 4100-4299, and 5100-5299.
    • US: HIST 1300-1499, 2300-2499, 3300-3499, 4300-4499, and 5300-5499.
    • World Regions: HIST 1500-1899, 2500-2899, 3000-3099, 3500-3899, 4000-4099, 4500-4899, 5000-5099, and 5500-5899.
  • Specialist Track: At least 3 courses in one of the concentrations described above (see History Major Specialist Track requirements).

History Minor for Education and Learning Sciences Majors

LBST students with a HIST concentration who wish to complete a HIST minor must fulfill all of the requirements of the LBST major and the HIST concentration and must also take one additional upper-division HIST elective. The History minor for Liberal Studies majors is 28 semester hours, including:

Code Title Semester Hours
HIST 1010Premodern World History4
HIST 1050Modern World History4
or HIST 1060 Modern Global Environmental History
Select one of the following:4
Becoming America
American and the Atlantic World 1450-1850
The United States and the Pacific World

1 lower-division World Regions course (HIST 15xx, HIST 16xx, HIST 17xx, HIST 18xx, HIST 25xx, HIST 26xx, HIST 27xx, HIST 28xx); HIST 4412 History of California; and 2 upper-division electives.