Business Administration (BADM)

BADM 598  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
BADM 601  The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business  (3 semester hours)  
The factors present in the external environments of business relative to business law and political entities that must be dealt with by business managers. Interrelated ethical considerations will be explored, along with such topics as agency, contracts, business organizations, property, the court system, and business interfaces with local, state, and federal governments.
BADM 602  Financial and Managerial Accounting  (3 semester hours)  
The nature, techniques, and uses of accounting from a manager's perspective are covered. Topics include accounting methodology, corporate financial statements and disclosures, alternative accounting measurement techniques, interpreting quality of earnings, strategic planning, and operational decision making.
BADM 603  Business Statistics  (3 semester hours)  
This course covers the use of basic statistics, probability concepts, sampling distributions, hypothesis tests, correlation/regression analysis and analysis of variance for making rational business decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Applications of the computer and standard software packages as management tools are used to simplify and facilitate this process.
BADM 604  Business Economics  (3 semester hours)  
This course adopts a thematic approach to applying economic concepts to solving contemporary real-world business problems. These problems are analyzed from the perspective of an entrepreneur, a business manager, and an economic policy maker. Specific themes include the following: understanding economic terminology, issues, and methods; identifying determinants of supply and demand; understanding the economics of the firm; characterizing alternative market structures; measuring aggregate demand and supply; and understanding the implications of various government economic policies.
BADM 605  Management and Organizational Behavior  (3 semester hours)  
The study of management relates to individual, small group, and total organizational systems. This course presents insights from a variety of academic disciplines, including management, psychology, sociology, and economics, to understand the processes through which people work together in organizations. Topics covered include management principles, leadership, motivation, decision-making, problem solving, communication, organizational culture, teams, and performance management. The course also includes a focus on ethical issues and the social responsibilities of managers in a global environment. Class discussions, cases, activities, and reflective exercises allow participants to explore and apply insights to their own professional life.
BADM 606  Marketing Management  (3 semester hours)  
This course covers the essential principles of marketing management as a vital component of a business operation, emphasizing marketing's strategic basis and the real-world utilization of both traditional and innovative techniques to influence both the trade and the consumer in making a purchase decision. Conceptualizing marketing as communication, we will take a customer-centric approach to: understanding what distinguishes our target audience, conducting strategic planning, developing the brand via the marketing mix, and employing marketing research techniques for both development and evaluation. We will explore how marketing guides business strategy, discovers and creates demand for products, and influences product development.
BADM 607  Effective Management of Operations & Supply Chain Using Data and Visualization.  (3 semester hours)  
This course introduces students to the world of data and their applications in business decision making. Basic operations principles and concepts are covered which include descriptive data analysis, time series demand forecasting, process design, quality management, capacity and scheduling decisions, inventory, and supply chain management. Students will practice creating data visualizations that can help managers understand a business situation as well as illustrate effective and cost-efficient decisions. Prerequisite: BADM 603.
BADM 608  Financial Management  (3 semester hours)  
This course covers the methods and instruments useful to financial managers of business enterprises for making investment, payout, and financing decisions, and in managing working capital. Prerequisites: BADM 602 and BADM 603.
BADM 609  Management Information Systems  (3 semester hours)  
The course provides an overview of planning, analysis and design, implementation, and operation and control of information technology for business environments. Primary emphasis is placed on the role of the manager in a computer-based information systems environment, and the course is designed to introduce students to key IT concepts and to enhance their understanding of the issues that business executives face when developing and managing information systems. Prerequisite: BADM 605.
BADM 610  Management Strategy  (3 semester hours)  
This course deals with the strategic direction of the firm. Tools for the in-depth analysis of industries and competition and techniques for the analysis and creation of competitive advantage are presented. Issues of both formulation and implementation of strategy within the firm are explored. This course seeks to develop the capability to understand and evaluate a firm's strategic situation in depth and to advance viable approaches to addressing the key issues facing it. Prerequisites: BADM 605, BADM 606, BADM 607, and BADM 608; may be taken concurrently.
BADM 611  Management Workshop: Introduction to Business and Communications  (1 semester hour)  
This workshop examines the relationships among business functions and how they are integrated by management to create and sustain a business. Oral and written communication skills are also addressed.
BADM 612  Management Workshop: Personal Development and Career Planning  (1 semester hour)  
This workshop is a continuation of the first workshop and focuses on personal development and career planning and continues development of oral and written communication skills.
BADM 1098  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
BADM 2998  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)  
BADM 3098  Special Studies  (1-4 semester hours)  
BADM 4098  Special Studies  (1-3 semester hours)